Last updated on January 5, 2021 Lisa Gardner is one American writer well well-known for her plenty of crime thriller novels, many included in series, when others written as independent books.

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I have detailed below the Lisa Gardner publications in order for her collection and the standalone novels. I won’t be listing the Alicia Scott books, as they room romance novels, and also beyond the scope of mystery Sequels.

New Lisa Gardner Books


Before She Disappeared, 2021

Detective D.D. Warren Series

Tessa Leoni Series

FBI Profiler Series

Standalone Lisa Gardner Books

Should We review The Lisa Gardner publications In Order?

I have read all 3 series by the author Lisa Gardner, and if you desire to begin with any type of of the series, i do suggest you read the publications in order. Luckily it’s basic as the publication date and also the chronological bespeak of these books are the same, so if you follow the perform above, analysis them in the appropriate order shouldn’t be a problem.

Having said that, i feel i should mention one exception. Once reading the very first Detective D.D. Warren books, ns felt I can have review them pretty much in any type of order. D.D. Hardly appears in the first books, and also even the third book she is not lot there. However, together the collection progresses, us see an ext of her, and also we see her character construct nicely – i felt i actually started to really favor her by books 6.

However because that the services of continuity, if you choose up the earliest D.D. Warren books and also read them before continuing with the newest ones, i think you will be best served.

About Lisa Gardner

Lisa Gardner

Born in 1956 in Oregon under the name Alicia Scott, Lisa Gardner graduated from Glencoe High institution in Hillsboro, Oregon. In college, she was always writing short stories rather of paying fist to she classes. In 1993 she i graduated magna cum laude from the college of Pennsylvania v a degree in global relations.

In the 1990s, she operated as a research analyst in Boston for a consulting firm referred to as Mercer Management. Lisa Gardner began her job in the food industry, however soon she turned her talents to writing, lot to the joy of her loyal fans. Prior to writing thriller novels, she wrote numerous romantic suspense novels under the pseudonym Alicia Scott because that the Silhouette Intimate moment publisher. She worked for 3 years on she debut novel, i beg your pardon she ultimately published in ~ the age of 20.

Her an initial novel under her own name (and incidentally likewise the very first books I’ve check out by this author) is The Perfect Husband, created in 1997, i m sorry was also the very first book in the 6 component Quincy FBI Profiler series.

In 2014 she relocated with she family and two dogs to new England, whereby she is busy functioning on her next novel.

While this is, in fact, my favorite collection of books by Lisa Gardner, she has additionally written two other series, Detective D.D. Warren, with several books published (latest book, #7.5, published at an early stage 2016 is a quick story with the location 3 Truths and A Lie), and Tessa Leoni, with 3 books written in the series (book #3 v the location Crash & Burn was published in 2015).

My copy the Hide in hardcover edition

In addition, Lisa Gardner has likewise written number of standalone thriller novels, and under the alias Alicia Scott, she has actually published 13 romance novels.

The an initial thriller she wrote, The Perfect Husband, took the writer 3 year of writing and editing until it acquired ready to it is in published. Soon after publication, the climbed the brand-new York times bestseller list, acquiring to position 17.

Most of the Lisa Gardner publications are based on real-life stories, cased that in reality happened. For example, Look because that Me was influenced by a headline the author read in the newspaper. True crime is other Lisa Gardner is interested in, and her tales can weave too many of various possibilities, whereby the author asks herself, ” how would certainly you approach this in actual life?”

For example, discover Her is inspired by a certain article Lisa check out on a new FBI unit that encounters assisting victims of crime. Indigenous this unit she learned the a victim’s journey is much from over as soon as the perpetrator is caught. She additionally keeps questioning for a brand-new novel, “What go it median to it is in a survivor?”

Also, for she research, the author keeps tabs ~ above the latest technological advancements that the police are using in resolving their cases, such together Alexa, or the Echo from Amazon. She additionally interviews experts in their fields, and she constantly learns more forensic approaches that she can implement in her books. She also visits institutions that aid her collection the step better. End the years, she went to mental wards, maximum protection prisons, morgues, and FBI academies. In addition, she is known to interview household members that kidnap victims, who understand first-hand what it is to live with the torment in their lives.

Initially, when writing Alone, Lisa Gardner envisioned D.D. Warren to have actually only a few chapters in the book, and also she didn’t imagine the detective would end up being the key hero that a long-standing series.

The recent Lisa Gardner book, Look for Me, likewise brings ago Flora Dane, who very first appeared in Find Her, originally as a victim and also then together a vigilante.

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Having been a thriller writer for 25 years, currently, Lisa Gardner has over 22 million books in publish across more than 30 countries.