15 best Family man Episodes, according To IMDb family Guy has actually now been roughly for over two decades. We"re looking in ~ the greatest episodes in history, based upon their IMDb scores.

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15 finest Family man Episodes, follow to IMDB
over the last couple of years, the man sitcom genre has end up being some the the best bits of television with shows choose Bojack Horseman and stack & Morty. However, long before those, we had actually Seth MacFarlane"s dark comedy, Family Guy.

The racy and sometimes obnoxious collection was once taken into consideration one the the most loved and edgiest man sitcoms. Therefore, come remind anyone why Family Guy was when such a success, below is a ranking of a couple of of the finest episodes according to IMDb. A rapid note, in order come accurately rank this list, episodes v the exact same ratings have actually been ranked by their guest rankings.

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Updated on in march 5th, 2021 by Scoot Allan: While the collection has been canceled twice because it began airing in 1999, Family Guy has actually been renewed for its 20 and 21st seasons. This only proves the the long-running adult animated series still has actually a committed fanbase the tunes in every week to catch brand-new episodes. And also with the recent addition of Family male to Disney"s Star content update (in international markets), over there are much more ways come jump earlier to previous seasons to gain some that the ideal episodes native the series. We"re walking to take a further look at a couple of more of IMDb"s highest-rated illustration to give fans a an excellent starting suggest to celebrate Seth MacFarlane"s struggle series, household Guy.

Family Guy and also Stars battles crossover in Blue Harvest.
Family Guy had a tiny fun with the famous Star Wars franchise when the 6th season opened with a two-part hilarious recreation of Episode IV: A brand-new Hope. The episode was title "Blue Harvest" in honor of the functioning title the the original movie.

While the success that "Blue Harvest" at some point led to succeeding retellings that the initial trilogy that ended up being known together the Laugh the Up, Fuzzball trilogy, though the an initial episode is the highest-rated because that a reason and sits high above the rest of the reimagined Star Wars trilogy.

14 road To The phibìc Pole - (8.3)

Brian and also Stewie vs Santa Claus in household Guy
The ninth season of Family Guy featured one more adventure for Brian and also Stewie in your fan-favorite series of roadway trip/musical episodes as the pair headed on a pursuit to death Santa Claus in "Road come The phibìc Pole."

The episode not only showcased a dark take it on Santa"s workshop the fans won"t soon forget, but additionally a number of funny yet disturbing moments and also Brian and also Stewie took end Christmas and attempted to provide presents around the world, with tiny success.

Peter v a holy bible raised in his hand in church in the Petarded illustration of family members Guy
This fourth season episode might not be the most sensitive, despite that facet of the display has extended far beyond just this one instance and been much less well-received in many other circumstances. The episode sees Peter take an IQ test that reveals he can be classified as intellectually disabled, a fact that that realizes he can use to his benefit to acquire away with things he wasn"t able to before. However, his life is shortly thrown right into chaos after ~ Lois is horribly burnt and the children are taken far by kid Protective Services.

Despite the troubles presented by the plot, the illustration remains an extremely highly-rated in its entirety by both critics and also fans.

12 road To Rhode Island - (8.3)

Family Guy's Brian and also Stewie in
The very first episode the featured Brian and Stewie"s solo adventures was referred to as "Road to Rhode Island" and aired in the second season. Brian volunteers to pick Stewie up from Lois"s parental after his therapist argues taking some time away to deal with abandonment concerns from his mother.

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Of course, things conveniently fall apart and Brian and also Stewie are required to discover their own method back come Quahog while likewise dealing v Brian"s leftover issues surrounding his mother. Peter and Lois"s marriage counseling video clip side story is additionally a comedic enhancement to the illustration that further elevates it above the rest.

Peter will do anything to acquire out of paying a bill, and in this season two episode, he goes as much as claiming that he is dead to acquire out that a hospital bill. But, like all things in life, there are aftermath and fatality shows up in ~ Peter"s door in stimulate to enjoy him.

As fatality chases Peter, that trips and also hurts his ankle. Peter realizes that this method that anyone is immortal and also chaos erupts in the Quahog. In stimulate to set things right, Peter has to take over Death"s job and kill the cast of Dawson"s Creek. The illustration highlights what the present was always able to perform best, which is to present the ridiculousness of human nature when given the appropriate motivations.

10 Da boom - (8.3)

just a couple of days prior to the begin of the brand-new millennium, Family Guy released their very own Y2K doomsday episode. After a atom Armageddon occurs, and also in find of food, the Griffins establish brand-new Quahog roughly a Twinkie factory.

However, their small mutant heaven is soon destroyed by Peter, who similar to all self-proclaimed good leaders, soon becomes power-hungry and also starts come make guns at the price of everything else. Genuinely funny and really relevant even today, the illustration skyrocketed the show"s popularity.

The eleventh season of Family Guy featured a twisted time travel adventure illustration "Yug Ylimaf" that reveals Brian has actually been making use of Stewie"s time an equipment to impress women he brings house from the bar.

When trying come cover his tracks and rewind a gauge that would certainly alert Stewie to his use of the moment machine, he inadvertently brought about the timeline to reverse itself. This resulted in a variety of comedic moments in the illustration as they struggled to solve the timeline, which had an unforgettable reverse fight in between Peter and his long-time rival, Ernie the gigantic Chicken.

8 accomplish The Quagmires - (8.4)

In an additional episode through Death, Peter travels earlier in time to suffer his bachelor lifestyle. Together with nearly all time take trip stories, everything really quickly walk wrong and Peter finds himself in a future wherein Lois is married come Quagmire if Peter is married come Molly Ringwald.

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Soon, Peter realizes that this isn"t the life he wants and also goes earlier to his past, albeit a pair of times, to collection things right. Overall, the episode is fun, complete of "80s references, and made Quagmire weirdly likable for a change.

Family Guy always does yes, really well through its season openers. Few were together memorable as that that season six. "Lois kills Stewie" is the second component of the season opener and collection after Stewie death Lois and also frames Peter. In this episode, Lois returns and also Stewie i do not care the tyrannical president of the World. Lois realizes she is the only one who deserve to kill Stewie and an epic gunfight in the oval office ensues. However, Lois can"t kill her son and also he is instead shot through Peter.

At the end of the episode, Stewie reveals the it was just a computer simulation, lot to the chagrin the Brian who argues that any hypothetical viewers may have been upset by this episode. Importantly, Lois yes, really shines in this illustration as she is eliminated from her common nagging housewife role and becomes an epic action star.

6 Stewie death Lois - (8.4)

A to run gag throughout the display is Stewie"s obsession through killing Lois. In the very first episode that season six, he ultimately gets the right and also shoots Lois on a crew ship. A year after she death, anyone is watch doing simply fine.

However, after the is revealed the Lois had actually a hefty life insurance policy, everyone begins to doubt Peter. Stewie then accidentally incriminates Peter and goes top top trial. However, just before he is sentenced to life, Lois reflects up in the courtroom all set to take revenge top top Stewie.

because that a really long time, The Simpsons and Family Guy were the 2 most popular animated mirrors on TV and there was often a small bit that a rivalry between the two. Therefore, it to be a great surprise come fans the the two shows had actually a crossover illustration for the opened of Family Guy"s thirteenth season. In the episode, after having their auto stolen, the Griffins remain with the Simpsons.

After it is revealed the Pawtucket Beer is one imitation the Duff Beer, drama ensues and the two companies go to court which is judged by the initial father that the animated comedy, Fred Flintsone. In the end, Peter and Homer acquire into a struggle which at some point forces the two to amicably split. Extremely self-aware around the 2 shows" distinctive differences and each of their strengths, the illustration was an in its entirety success and easily one of the show"s many memorable.

4 PTV - (8.6)

Family Guy"s biggest success is its capacity to be really aware the itself and also the ridiculousness that the industry that that is in. No episode much better exemplifies this as season four"s "PTV." after ~ the FCC bring away drastic measures against TV shows following a wardrobe break down at the Emmy"s, Peter decides to do his very own uncensored TV network.

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However, things conveniently go as well far and Lois pressures the FCC come shut under the network. The FCC starts to censor everyone in Quahog. Quickly one the the funniest illustration of the show, "PTV" was also a slight jab in ~ Family Guy"s often challenging relationship v the FCC.

ago when James Woods was not as lot of a society pariah that he is today, the inhabitants of Quahog were invite to a dinner party in ~ his mansion in the season nine premiere episode.

However, quickly the episode turns right into a compelling an enig as more and much more of the dinner guests get murdered. Plainly derived from the Agatha Christie novel, And climate There were None, the episode was a funny take on the "whodunit" genre.

2 back To The Pilot - (8.8)

Family Guy has changed dramatically because its very first season and also in season ten, Brian and also Stewie travel earlier in time come the pilot illustration in 1999. However, ~ Brian alerts the past Brian about 9/11, the future transforms dramatically.

Stewie and Brian are then compelled to continuously go ago in order to fix the future, which unsurprisingly takes a pair of attempts. Overall, it to be a really great meta illustration that is easily additionally one that the ideal time travel TV illustration of every time.

one of the best parts of Family Guy has actually been Stewie and Brian"s "Road to" adventures. In the an initial episode that season eight, Stewie and Brian travel to a variety of alternative universes, wherein at the very least one thing has actually been adjusted in your society. They even go come a hilarious and yet controversial Disney version of themselves.

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Eventually, they finish up in a world where humans obey dogs and also Brian i do not care infatuated v the new universe and also breaks their universe traveling device. Luckily lock are conserved by the various other Brian and also Stewie. The episode was clever, funny, and also strangely insightful for Family Guy and it is basic to see why that is the show"s best.