If the sight of an indicator or warning light on your Mazda vehicle’s dashboard has actually you worried, don’t panic. The purpose of these warning lights is to let you understand around your vehicle’s many systems and their functioning. Here’s a quick overview to each of the warning lights, and also simply what it is they’re indicating.

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This is the Check Engine Light and also is among the many crucial indicators on your dashboard variety. if this lights up it may suggest a potential emission regulate malfeature. Contact us to have actually this watched immediately.

The Master Warning light is offered to notify you of a potential problem with one or more of your vehicle’s progressed units. It will be accompanied by a message in your car’s vehicle information display screen via an extra in-depth system message.


The Charge Warning light indicates a potential trouble via your car’s charging system or a drain on the battery . Have this checked automatically.

If the ABS warning light illuminates and remains on, it might suggest a trouble through your car’s anti-lock braking system. The brakes have to still function, yet without the anti-lock assistance. Check on this ideal amethod.

The Engine Oil Prescertain Light cautions of low engine oil pressure. If you view this light speak the engine automatically, and also call us. Just as a side note, be sure to store an eye on the Engine Oil level light to make sure your engine has actually sufficient oil.

If the Brake warning light comes on and continues to be on, it may indicate that your parking brake is still involved. It could likewise mean that your brake liquid level is low and also demands to be filled. This should be addressed automatically.

Most newer Mazda vehicles are equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. When illuminated, this indicator cautions of low pressure in one or even more of your vehicle’s tires. More information might show up in your auto information display, such as “Tire Prescertain Low – Add Air” or “Flat Tire – Visit Dealer”.

This is the Power Steering Warning Light. If this warning light comes on and remains on, considering that I choose to have the ability to manage the direction my vehicle is going in, if I was you I’d carry your Mazda car into our organization facility to have it checked.

If Seat Belt Warning Light comes on, it suggests that the driver or passenger seatbelt is not fastened. It will be accompanied by a chime that reminds everyone to buckle up.


Should the Supplemental Air Bag Warning Light come on, or if it flashes intermittently, lug your car in to our business center for repair. It may show that either the air bags or the seatbelt pretensioners are not operating correctly.

If the ABS light illuminates and continues to be on, it might indicate a trouble through the device. In this case, carry your automobile in for servicing.

We’ve all done this prior to. Admit it. You leave the gas station without putting the cap ago on. Thankfully, if this happens your Mazda will certainly let understand by flashing this little Check Cap light through no judgment whatsoever. The light may also come on steady if the fuel-filler cap is loose or lacking. Pull over, screw the cap ago on and we’ll never before speak of this aget.

Finally, if you watch this Percreate Maintenance light, it implies that your Mazda is politely telling you that it is time to, that’s right, percreate maintenance. I’d listen to your Mazda as it knows what it’s talking around. The following means it tells you it’s maintenance time can be with a cigarette smoking engine on the side of the road.

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Tright here may be other lights on your dashboard regarded features and functions of your Mazda, yet expertise of the lights we just reperceived will intend a safer driving endure. We want you to feel as safe as feasible in your Mazda auto. If you have actually any kind of questions about your vehicle’s warning indicator lights, stop in to our service center to have among our organization expert’s check and define the functioning of these systems.