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A girlfriend of mine has a inspect engine irradiate on his 2004 V6 Mazda6. Had a scan run on it and also the P0171 code come up. I confirm for vacuum leaks, and there to be an apparent loud leak comes from the PCV water tap elbow near the intake. I changed that, and it idles great now. The never had an acceleration trouble before, simply rough idle, for this reason I"m hope that resolved it and it doesn"t require a MAF. My concern is will certainly disconnecting the battery and also reconnecting it clear the the inspect engine light, presume the PCV hose fixed the problem? I"ve heard from some people that it will certainly take a most time because that the computer to establish the trouble is solved and eventually the light will go off, and also some people say simply disconnecting the battery will certainly clear it. Any kind of advice is appreciated.Thanks, George
Just an upgrade to mine previous post -I started the car a couple hours after mine previous post, and also the light disappeared without having actually to remove battery. Most likely took about four or five different driving cycles because that the computer to clean it.

That"s good to hear you"ve acquired the CEL cleared. You can usually lug the automobile to an Autozone or development Auto Parts, where they have code readers. Have actually the code review - then, have them reset / clear the code. Every for free.
I have actually the same concern with mine 2004 Mazda 6. Ns don"t hear any type of leaks near the intake come the finest of mine knowledge. I had the automobile in a regional repair shop once it was being inspected and also they placed in some hefty duty fuel injector cleaner. The irradiate turned turn off for a job or so an currently it is back. Any kind of clues wherein I should go indigenous here?
Check the rubber accordian hose between the MAF and the throttle body. I had actually a CEL the dealer could never type out, finally got around to checking things out myself. The accordian water tap was break-up in three locations underneath, changed it, no an ext CEL.Regards, Sam
To me take place same I check the rubber accordian hose between the MAF and the accelerator body. I had actually a CEL the dealer could never type out, lastly got about to checking points out myself. The accordian hose was separation in three locations underneath, changed it, no much more CEL.

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