i look almost everywhere the net to find how to perform it, but all over there is are videos on YouTube... And also the thing that suck is mine school provided us iPads but they clogged YouTube for this reason I have no means to check out them. So just how do I acquire colored sheep?




If you room in creative, simply uncover the dye in her inventory and put the in your hand. Then, every you have to do is organize down top top them choose you would host down ~ above a block when you want to ruin it. In survival, the exact same rules apply but you should make the dye first. You can dye both adult and baby sheep, and also the infant will flourish up into the color you passed away it. If you use the sheer and shave a lamb while that is died, you will gain that shade wool. (Ex: shave a pure sheep to gain purple wool.) They will grow back white. That is possible to dye them ago to white.

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I expect this helps!


You need the exactly items for dyeing lamb then every you carry out is tap ~ above the lamb with the dye in her hand and also it will instantly readjust to the allocated color (its babies will additionally be the colour.)


I have discovered that if you have actually two adult sheep that are different colors (Red/Blue, White/Red etc) and you each other them, your babies will be a mix that those colors.

However, I have actually tried mix Cyan and also Pink, however their babies were either Cyan or pink. I think the "mixing" will certainly only job-related with primary colors. (i.e. Not Cyan and pink etc)

You make the shade of dye you desire to use (Dye do recipes space here) and also hold down ~ above the sheep with the dye in her hand.

Ta da!

There must be guides on just how to craft every dye in survive on the Minecraft Wiki, so as soon as you acquire the dye, every you must do is host the best Mouse and Ta-da! You have a vibrant sheep!And if your in creative, all you have to do is acquire the dye out and also right click.

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