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These classic songs space perfect for making a playlist the songs with the name man in the title.


Celebrate your Favorite man or Johnny through These tune Lyrics

Songs v a person's surname in the title are fairly common, but for this list we're just ranking the finest songs around people named John or Johnny. Perform you have actually a favorite john song? check out on to check out if yours do the list.

Songs through John in the Title

"Johnny B Goode"—Chuck Berry"Not currently John"—Pink Floyd"Big John"—Jimmy Dean"Sloop man 'B'"—The beach Boys"Dear John"—Taylor Swift"John Barleycorn"—Traffic"The Legend of john Henry's Hammer"—Johnny Cash"Brother John"—Blues Traveler"Ballad of John and Yoko"—John Lennon and Yoko Ono"Abraham, Martin and also John"—Dion DiMucci"Sweet Papa John"—Johnny Winter"Ballad the Spider John"—Willis Alan Ramsey"St. John"—Aerosmith

1. "Johnny B Goode"—Chuck Berry

Album: Berry Is on Top

Year Released: July 1959

About the Song:

Chuck Berry Is top top Top is the 3rd studio album by rock and roll pioneer chuck Berry, released in July 1959 on Chess RecordsJohnny B. Goode was one of Chuck Berry's many iconic songs, helping to start him come stardom.

2. "Not now John"—Pink Floyd

Album: The last Cut

Year Released: March 1983

About the Song:

Then Album The final Cut is Pink Floyd's many overtly politics album. This was among the contributing components to the band's breakup, as Water's and also the rest of the band uncovered themselves interested in various topics.The Final reduced is one Pink Floyd's least selling albums.

3. "Big John"—Jimmy Dean

Album: Big negative John and also Other Fabulous Songs and also Tales

Year Released: September 1961

About the Song:

The song tells the story that a mysterious and also quiet miner that earned the nickname big John since of his height, weight, and also muscular physique. ("He stood six foot six and also weighed 245".)The last line of the song, "At the bottom of this mine lies one hell that a male – large John" to be controversial for cursing. In facts, some versions of the song readjust the last heat to "lies a big, big man" to replace what was considered profane language.

4. "Sloop man 'B'"—The coast Boys

Album: Pet Sounds

Year Released: May 1966

About the Song:

A Sloop is a sort of sailboat.The track tells the story of a party pet out to sea.

5. "Dear John"—Taylor Swift

Album: Speak Now

Year Released: October 2010

About the Song:

Dear John” is one ode to Taylor’s short-lived connection with other singer-songwriter john Mayer.The text convey she feelings that frustration end the means she was treated by John and how she disregarded the warnings offered by others.

6. "John Barleycorn"—Traffic

Album: John Barleycorn must Die

Year Released: July 1970

About the Song:

This song is a musical adaptation that a classic poem indigenous the old west. The city railed against the craziness that prohibition.The track is joking, call the teetotalers "brave." claiming to be doing the job-related of the Lord, castle were actually hypocrites destroying that work.

7. "The Legend of john Henry's Hammer"—Johnny Cash

Album: Blood, Sweat and also Tears

Year Released: January 1963

About the Song:

John Henry is an American people hero. He to be an afri American and was claimed to have operated as a "steel-driving man" (a man tasked through hammering a steel drill right into rock to do holes for explosives). The tune is meant to show solidarity with "the American working man."

Year Released: September 1994

About the Song:

The song was developed by Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero, who were well known for developing such nu-metal acts as Korn.Blues Traveler broke into the mainstream following the relax of Four.

9. "Ballad of John and Yoko"—The Beatles

Album: The Ballad of John and also Yoko

Year Released: 1969

About the Song:

The track chronicles the occasions surrounding the wedding of Lennon and also Yoko Ono.The tune was the Beatles' 17th and also final UK number-one single.

10. "Abraham, Martin and John"—Dion DiMucci

Album: Dion

Year Released: 1968

About the Song:

The tune was composed in response to the assassination of King and also that the Robert Kennedy in April and also June 1968, respectively.The track laments your deaths and also fears a human being without them.

11. "Sweet Papa John"—Johnny Winter

Album: John Dawson Winter III

Year Released: November 1974

About the Song:

John Dawson Winter III is the seventh studio album through Johnny Winter.The song's suggestive themes were taken into consideration vulgar in the 1970s.

12. "Ballad that Spider John"—Willis Alan Ramsey

Album: Willis Alan Ramsey

Year Released: May 1972

About the Song:

Willis Alan Ramsey is Willis Alan Ramsey's single studio release.Critics agree the the album and also song are significant successes. It has received an mean rating the over 4 stars.

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About the Song:

The song "St. John" was written to honor one of the heads of a major music company's called John Williams.He had actually helped several of the members that Aerosmith through drug problems.