Answer for the proviso "A narrow channel the the sea involvement two bigger bodies of water ", 6 letters: strait

Longman thesaurus of contemporary English Word meanings in Longman dictionary of modern-day English noun COLLOCATIONS FROM body ■ ADJECTIVE no hope ▪ there is no papal assistance, crown finances would certainly have remained in even more desperate straits 보다 in truth they were. ▪ In desperate straits and full of misgivings, ns decide to look for therapy. ▪ because that those in...

The Collaborative international Dictionary Word definitions in The cooperation International dictionary Strait \Strait\, a. A variant of straight .

Wiktionary Word interpretations in Wiktionary 1 (context archaic English) narrow; limited as to an are or room; close. 2 (context antiquated English) Righteous, strict. 3 (context obsolete English) Tight; close; tight-fitting. 4 (context useless English) Close; intimate; near; familiar. 5 (context...

Douglas Harper"s Etymology Dictionary Word interpretations in Douglas Harper"s Etymology dictionary mid-14c., "narrow, confined an are or place," especially of bodies of water from so late 14c., from Old French estreit , estrait "narrow part, pass, defile, narrow passage of water," noun usage of adjective (see strait (adj.)). Sense of "difficulty, plight"...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet n. A narrow channel of the sea authorized two bigger bodies that water a poor or difficult situation or state of affairs

Wikipedia Word interpretations in Wikipedia A strait is a normally formed, narrow, generally navigable waterway that connects two bigger bodies the water. Most frequently it is a channel of water the lies in between two land masses . Some straits are not navigable, for example because they room too shallow,...

consumption examples of strait.

Islanded, isolated and hemmed in for centuries by the master of the Straits, the armies of the kingdom the Alba had actually never constituted a true threat to our borders.

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If there was one thing that terrified me above all others, the was not daring the wrath of the grasp of the Straits nor the risks of distant Alba and the blue-tattooed Cruithne.

At mine request, Ysandre had several volumes sent out from the imperial Library, texts on Alba and also books in Cruithne, and also treatises on the master of the Straits.

Somewhere past the ability of mine vision to scry lay the Straits the Alba, the wind-whipped expanse that water together grey and also narrow and also deadly as a blade, separating Ysandre native a dream.

Ganges come the Straits of Gibraltar, the they had actually no recreation for theological controversy: and though the Alcoran, the initial monument of your faith, appears to contain some violent precepts, they were much less infected with the soul of bigotry and persecution 보다 the indolent and speculative Greeks, that were continually refining top top the several write-ups of their religious system.

McGinty: patrolling slowly back and forth across the straits till noon, performing the duties just described, climate after lunch anchoring in a quiet small cove ~ above the Shikoku side because that the afternoon, city hall the strait visually and by radar, and communicating with any type of passing ships by radio or twenty-four-inch signal light.

Radado created the western end of a good ancipital migratory course which stretched throughout the whole of Campannlat, the ultima Thule come which the creatures came in the summer that every great Year, to go about their unfathomable rituals, or just to squat motionless, staring throughout the Cadmer Straits in the direction of Hespagorat, in the direction of a location unknown to various other life forms.

Batavia in January 1628, in the really hopes of happen the Straits of Bali in the an excellent season, yet not having actually succeeded she was thrust out of her course to the shores the the Austral floor of the unknown Magellanica.

Near Trafalgar, the river Barbate concerns into the straits that Gibraltar, ~ receiving several little tributaries, which combine with it come form, close to its mouth, the large and marshy Laguna de la Janda.

Muses bedew your cheeks through tears, in his strait is heard on every side the wailing appeal to us, and to prevent the peril of impending death he reflects the slight sign of the ancient tonsure which we bestowed top top him, begging the we may be called to his aid and be afflicted with witness come the privilege bestowed top top him.

Lawrence Island, but the fog hung favor a ceiling over the sea together they passed with the waters now well-known as Bering Straits.

The fleet immediately unmoored and weighed, and at six in the night ran through the strait between Biche and also Sardinia: a passage so narrow that the ships can only pass one at a time, each following the stern lights of the leader.

Two hours later we were halfway across the Iyonada and before lengthy would go into Bungo Strait.

Akagi, the sleek plane carrier flagship that Admiral Nagumo, top westward through Kudako Strait, cruising quickly at 16 knots on her course toward Bungo Channel and also the vast Pacific.

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The planes were on their way to neutralize any kind of enemy submarines which could be lied in wait because that us external Bungo Strait.