This weekend us celebrated an occasion that that is said just one in 5.5 percent the couples achieve.

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It to be my parents’ Diamond Anniversary – 60 year married.

We were commenting top top how complicated it to be to uncover Diamond Anniversary cards and also my husband claimed that it to be no wonder as it appears that only 5.5 percent of every couples that marry obtain to celebrate your Diamond Anniversary. (And the map manufacturers weren’t walk to have actually a big range because that such a small percentage) anyway – this got me wondering around the various other 94.5%.


When friend think the the troubled time that numerous who could have accomplished this milestone have lived v then the is, perhaps, not so surprising the so few do. My parents married in 1953 as soon as my father to be 26 and also my mommy 22. Many, not lot older 보다 them, would have met and married during the war – and of those, countless men never came home, and also quite a couple of women were eliminated in air-raids etc. The my generation have not been connected in a war that referred to as up conscripted men and women must have actually increased the number likely to survive to reach your Diamond in the future.

Health can likewise take its toll fee of one or other partner. As a simple example, we space fortunate to live in a time and country whereby women are much less likely to dice in childbirth than they were also 60 years ago. Together health treatment has enhanced so more people room living much longer – do it much more likely the both partners will certainly be about come the 60th married year.

Against this we need to put the larger variety of marriage breakdowns. Through divorce ending up being easier in the time since my parents wed, for better or worse, there space many an ext splits 보다 there supplied to be.

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And in the future? Well, the tendency for people to marry later on in life will mean that those couples will have to accomplish an even greater period to reach the Diamond number. Will that influence the percentage?

It’s strange that each that the very first 10 years gain a ‘material name’ yet when you reach the other end it is ten year gaps. Is any type of one year worth celebrating much more than another?

Do you think the the percent of world celebrating your Diamond Anniversary will increase or loss over the following twenty 5 years ( picking a number out of the air)?

So, what execute you think ? You understand I love come hear from girlfriend – execute share your thoughts!