A lot of the "unfreeze" part of Lewin"s 3 step model for regulating organization change:a) is component of the user interface style activitiesb) is generally accomplished by a strong worded e-mail native the project sponsor come the advancement / project administration teamc) has been accomplished to this suggest in the project by the systems advance life bike (SDLC) processes d) is done by "turning up the heat" (i.e. Unfreeze) ~ above the customers to make them want to changee) is accomplished by the organization"s marketing vice president

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c) has been achieved to this point in the project by the systems advance life bike (SDLC) processes
Plans to handle potential business disruption because of technical difficulties during conversion space covered in the:a) device back-out planb) counter disruption planc) Alignment change pland) company Contingency Plane) aid Desk plan
Which is no a post-implementation activity?a) device supportb) device maintenancec) mechanism requestd) job assessmente) providing assist desk and also telephone assistance for users
One the the difficulties with a parallel conversion is:a) there is a greater risk b) the old hardware could fail c) over there is a lower riskd) the users have to get in data right into both systems e) there is an abrupt conversion
. The two species of conversion modules are:a) whole-system and also waterfallb) waterfall and also phasedc) modular conversion and also whole-systemd) pilot and also modulare) parallel and also modular
Considering conversion style, switch locations, and also conversion modules, the many risky technique is probably:a) direct, simultaneous, whole-systemb) direct, phased, whole-systemc) direct, pilot, modulard) parallel, simultaneous, modulare) parallel, phased, modular
It has actually been a busy task experience because that Omar. During the analysis phase, the encountered some an unfavorable feedback native users. Throughout design, his best user-interface analyst left because that a new position and also a novice user-interface designer took over. And also during the coding, the team had to depend on some off-shore developer who had actually trouble recognize the programming specifications. To gain the device running together expected, the trial and error time to be reduced. Which of the adhering to conversion approaches could be the safest method for Omar and the job team?a) direct, whole-system, simultaneously conversionb) parallel, pilot site, simultaneous conversionc) direct, phased, simultaneously conversiond) direct, pilot and also phased conversione) parallel, modular and top-down conversion
When considering expenses of a new system conversion, which is not a usual cost come consider?a) the cost of to run two systems with a parallel conversionb) the expenses of much more staff at an ext locations for support in a simultaneous conversionc) the salary costs of users, trainers, administrators, consultantsd) the hardware costs for a pilot systeme) the extra programming prices for a modular conversion
The authors suggest that "with new systems," it may be best:a) to intend success with optimismb) to mean the worstc) to add three additional weeks of alpha and beta testingd) to save the existing system for two additional yearse) to hold daily developer & user troubleshooting meetings during the implementation stage
Which is not a step involved in preparing the technology?a) install the hardwareb) download the telecommunications systemc) convert the logical DFDs right into physical DFDsd) convert the datae) download the software
When installing hardware, it is best to:a) leave this come the last minute, therefore to obtain the recent versions that the hardware native the vendor(s)b) work closely with the vendors who are providing the hardwarec) create a RFP 2 weeks prior to install dated) call Home Depote) outsource the hardware installation to India
What is most likely a typical scenario in most establishments when installation a new system?a) users room excited around the new systemb) resistance to change existsc) scope creep delays implementation by at the very least two monthsd) the adjust agent is a member that the service unit adopting the changee) the project sponsor is the lead systems analyst
Which is no a change management setup step?a) revising management policiesb) assessing the costs and benefit models the potential adoptersc) encouraging adoptiond) installation "user friendly" hardwaree) allowing people to embrace through training
A comment about why civilization resist change might be:a) people like change and feeling part of a successful organizationb) what is great for the company is no necessarily good for the peoplec) readjust can be very uplifting and also comfortingd) readjust is the motto that Wal-Marte) using new and to update systems renders a human look favor a "yes-person"
Connie is trying to motivate users to take on the brand-new system. The very first step she requirements to take into consideration is:a) just how to cajole the users right into adopting the systemb) that human being need come be payment to embrace a brand-new systemc) the components that inhibit adjust and the tardy of costs and benefitsd) the standard operating actions of the organizatione) the not blocked politics and also the not blocked "boss" the the individuals (and exactly how to with this person)
Connie knows that _________ when trying to motivate world to changea) civilization act ~ above what they believe to it is in true, no what in reality is trueb) civilization act out of political reasons, such together trying to you re welcome the managerc) human being will readjust only once it is finest for the organizationd) change is generally related come age; younger employees will adopt change; if older employees will not adopt changee) change can only occur when negative pressures room in play
Which is no a simple tool because that structuring job-related processes in organizations?a) formal traditional operating proceduresb) specifying how world assign definition to events (such regarding "be successful")c) promoting previously adopters to administration positionsd) allocation funds because that traininge) allocating funds for optimistic infrastructure
The habitual routines for how work is performed space called:a) work-related normsb) policies, processes and procedures (the "3Ps")c) resource allocationsd) traditional operating procedurese) assignment infrastructures
Early adopters in the new customer source management mechanism received faster computer systems with more memory. In state of monitoring policy, this is probably an example of:a) conventional operating proceduresb) checks and balancesc) bonus processesd) same playe) source allocation
Which that the following is a true statement around successful change?a) the migration setup is no clear b) the likelihood of successful change is boosted when the price of the shift to individuals who must adjust is lowc) over there is a need for considerably different brand-new skillsd) over there is a solid possibility of disturbances in just how the firm has done business with the brand-new systeme) the adjust agent is a newcomers who has actually been perceived as "pushy" by potential adopters
b) the likelihood the successful adjust is enhanced when the price of the change to individuals who must change is low
Research has shown that around __________ of potential adopters will be prepared adopters.a) 5% come 10%b) 10% come 20%c) 20% to 30%d) 40% come 50%e) 90 to 100%
With resistant adopters (those that just refuse to expropriate the readjust with the brand-new system), it might be better to:a) carry them with each other for a meeting and also open conflict on a unimpassioned, logical approachb) neglect this tiny minority that resistant adopters and focus ~ above the larger bulk of ready and also reluctant adoptersc) discover the an ext vocal resistant adopters and also "bribe" lock to accept the new system v such actions together updated computer systems, time off, and also "trinkets" (like banners, buttons, stuffed animals)d) uncover the leader of this resistance and fire one of two of them together a post to the others to acquire "on board"e) usage an implementation JAD session v leaders from the all set adopters, reluctant adopters, and also resistant adopters to find usual ground
b) disregard this small minority the resistant adopters and focus on the larger bulk of ready and also reluctant adopters
Training is more than likely the most _________ component of any change management initiative.a) self-evidentb) expensivec) overusedd) wasted e) tedious
Training should emphasis on:a) exactly how management see the new systemb) the amplified and useful features that the new systemc) help the customers to accomplish their jobsd) the basic programming the the new systeme) exactly how the analysts went from individuals use-cases to DFDs and also ERDs
Generally the cheapest cultivate to provide would be:a) classroom trainingb) computer-based maintain (CBT)c) one-on-one trainingd) mentoringe) sending out employees to a nearby college or university
The goal of post-implementation activities is to:a) prayer the all set adoptersb) offer encouragement come the wake up adopters who joined inc) institutionalize the usage of the brand-new systemd) easily modify the mechanism with the transforms that were argued during the job that were deemed as "good", but identified together "scope creep"e) finally have the ability to relax and also bond with each other (frequently v a post-implementation party)
Once the job team has actually installed the system and also performed the change management activities, the system is official turned over to:a) the usersb) the to work groupc) managementd) vendorse) consultants
_________________ is the process of refining the device to make certain it continues to meet business needs.a) business contingency planb) device maintenancec) aid deskd) SDLCe) every one of these
Which is most likely NOT a component of project Assessment?a) project team evaluation (reports on activities and performance v an eye for improvement)b) system review that the prices that were originally used in starting the analysisc) identify mistakes in the project and understanding the causes of those mistakesd) a thorough evaluation of the software coding regarding standards, cohesion and coupling e) system review that the propose benefits that were supplied in analysis




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