What Is Slab?

Slab is crucial structural element generally constructed horizontally to provide flat surfaces such together roof, ceiling, floor, etc. Slabs may be sustained by RCC beams, columns, stole beams, etc. Basically, the depth that a slab is very small compared to its depth. There are mainly two varieties of slabs, i.e one method slab and two way slab. In this article, i will discuss difference between one method slab & two method slabs.

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What Is One method Slab?

One means slab is a slab which is sustained by beams top top the 2 opposite sides to lug the loads along one direction. In one method slab, the proportion of longer span (l) to much shorter span (b) is equal or higher than 2, i.e Longer expectancy (l)/Shorter span (b) ≥ 2


Example: Verandah slab is a kind of one means slab, wherein the slab is extending in the much shorter direction with key reinforcement and the circulation of reinforcement in the transverse direction.

One way Slab combine Details:

In one means slab, together one side is bigger than the other one, the maximum fill will be conveyed by the bigger side. Thus it is crucial to provide adequate assistance to this side.

To provide adequate support to the much longer side, the key reinforcement bars are noted parallelly come the much shorter side and also the distribution bars are listed on the longer side which won’t help in delivering the load.


In the above slab, bigger span/Shorter expectancy = Lx/Ly = 4500/2000 = 2.5 which is > 2.

So that is a one method slab. In this slab, the key reinforcement bars are noted on the shorter side and also distribution bars are provided on the longer side.

What Is Two method Slab?


When a reinforced concrete slab is supported by beams on every the 4 sides and also the tons are lugged by the supports together with both directions, the is well-known as two means slab. In two method slab, the ratio of longer span (l) to much shorter span (b) is much less than 2.

i.e Longer expectations (l)/Shorter expectations (b) floor the multi-storey buildings.

Two method Slab combine Details:

In two method slab, together the tons are carried in both directions (longer and shorter direction) key reinforcement bars are listed in both directions.

The tons are carried by two sides room equal. Slab with reinforcement in both directions is much more economical 보다 one method reinforcement slabs.


In the over slab, the proportion of longer expectancy to much shorter span

i.e Lx/Ly = 4000/4000 = 1 i m sorry is Difference in between One way Slab and Two way Slab:One method SlabTwo way Slab
The slabs space supported by the beams on the 2 opposite sides.The slabs space supported on every the 4 sides.
The lots are lugged along one direction.The loads are carried in addition to both directions.
The proportion of Longer span to shorter span is same or greater than 2. (i.e l/b ≥ 2).The proportion of Longer span to much shorter span is less than 2. (i.e l/b
Main reinforcement is detailed only in one direction (Shorter side).Main combine bars are detailed in both directions.
The deflected shape is cylindrical.

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The deflected form is favor a dish or saucer.