Groundbreaking is nothing new at College. Due to the fact that its starts in 1886 together the Novitiate normal School, College has actually innovatively responded to the changing world. Located directly across from and facing Holmdene Manor, the Chapel will be built at what is currently the intersection of Wege way and Elderberry Lane. This ar ensures that all members of ours campus community are in nearby proximity come the Chapel whether they’re student walking come class, next-door neighbors strolling with or alumni returning to gain the beauty, beauty of campus. Building and construction has begun and us look front to share the progress. 


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A brand-new Chapel:

Growing Our belief Community


As one of America’s peak 50 Catholic colleges, has a long history of providing the ar a ar for worship, reflection and also education. Deep committed come hospitality, inclusivity and also dialogue, the university is renowned for its dedication to social justice.True come its Dominican roots, the College has used every nook and cranny to accommodate its growth. Sunday mass in the existing Chapel is consistently at full capacity. The College commonly turns far alumni who desire to be married ~ above campus. Our Liturgical Music set is constrained and also there is inadequate room for the Sacrament that Reconciliation. It is time because that a new, bigger and much more accommodating Chapel.

Our Lady seat of Wisdom is that new Chapel. This focal suggest of confidence will enable university to expand its spirituality ministry, provide an ext opportunities come our students, alumni and also community members, and serve the an ar as a place of worship, reflection and also contemplation.
Designed in the Dominican heritage by height architects that specialize in sacred spaces, our Lady chair of Wisdom Chapel will certainly be the faith centerpiece of College’s beautiful campus. It will stand as a symbol of faith for all who live and also work in ~, and it will certainly inspire those who visit ours campus.
In the College’s 129-year history, this is the an initial building to be built specifically together a Chapel. Our Lady seat of Wisdom will offer everyone a tranquil respite because that prayer, contemplation, private reflection and a place to celebrate Mass.At a price of $4 million, the Chapel will seat 230, and also its doors will certainly be open everyday for students, faculty, staff and also the community. View the floor plan. 


There are numerous ways to make a gaue won gift. Whether it’s a cash gift or the deliver of other assets, her gift to the Chapel campaign will help build a lasting legacy. Members that the College structure are happy to 

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assist friend with any type of questions you may have around giving come the College. 

All presents – big or small – may be offered in storage or to honor someone. If you wish to develop a heritage gift there space naming opportunities obtainable at different levels that giving. Right now we are concentrated on naming opportunities for gifts over $25,000. As we move additional in come the building and construction phase us will have actually naming opportunities available for gifts listed below $25,000 as well. If you room interested in a naming possibility at any level, please call the structure Office for added information.


For an ext information contact: college FoundationOur Lady seat of Wisdom Chapel CampaignVicki Bouwkamp, combine Director of yearly GivingP. 616.632.2818 | E. Vicki.bouwkamp