reality TV display Parking Wars it is long for 7 seasons and also over 100 episodes on the A&E network indigenous 2008 till it to be canceled in 2012. The present followed the men and also women who work for the Philadelphia Parking Authority as they clamp down on bad parking in the city, and chase up Philadelphians who have actually accrued parking fines yet not paid them off.

Updated in march 2021: If you"re a pan of the men and also women indigenous the Parking Wars truth TV show, we have updated this list to make it an ext accurate and also to include much more details that what really taken place on the show and also behind the scenes.

The PPA team would regularly have to boots the cars of people who had actually a the majority of outstanding fines, only releasing the automobile when the debt was paid, and in significant cases, the automobile could also be seized and auctioned off to pay for the fine.

Parking Wars do stars that the simple men and also women the the PPA, and it later increased to Detroit, Providence, Trenton in brand-new Jersey, and Staten Island and North Hempstead in new York. Fans of Parking Wars will no doubt psychic Steve Garfield and his companion Sherry who were the bane of motorists’ resides in Philadelphia, and who appeared on the present right indigenous the beginning.

just like most truth TV shows, however, what you witnessed on display wasn’t necessarily the totality story, through directors modifying the encounters they filmed to make the entirety process more entertaining because that viewers in ~ home. If you used to watch the show, you should check out whereby the cast of Parking wars is today whether you assumed it was binge-worthy or one you"d never watch again. But for now, let"s view what A&E neglected come tell us.

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as soon as a network executive an initial had the glowing idea of complying with the employee from the Philadelphia Parking Authority as they went about their work, it no seem as though there would be sufficient material to do a full collection of such a show, and so the very first Parking Wars was only ever supposed to be a one-off documentary.

However, the 2001 film to be so renowned that A&E establish they had actually a potential fight on their hands, and went ~ above commission a full collection of the TV show. It just shows that even the most successful series can have actually a much less than auspicious broadcasting history!

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when Parking Wars to be up and also running together a full TV series, A&E retitled the original film as “The shed Pilot” which is a tiny disingenuous, as it was neither lost nor a pilot! Still, the enticing title was enough to attract in Parking Wars fans, who assumed they had missed the end on the pilot show the very first time, and who gained the opportunity to see how their PPA favorites performed once they first were top top screen.

It appears that the network was trying come rewrite history, by saying that they had actually intended come commission a full collection of the present all along, which merely wasn’t the case.

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among the most well-known figures in the very first proper season of Parking Wars was Philadelphia Parking authority employee, young name Anderson. Anderson to be the happy-go-lucky driver of among the PPA’s countless tow trucks, and he showed up in the very first and fifth episodes that season one.

However, plenty of fans didn’t understand that Martin had actually actually passed far suddenly, before he also saw any type of of his episodes transfer on TV. Return there was no cite of his catastrophic passing in the credits the the Parking Wars illustration in which that appeared, A&E did post a tribute to their fact star on your website.

11 Allegations That some of The Confrontations were Scripted

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as with a many so-called truth TV shows, there have actually been many of allegations that producers would periodically script some of the an ext outlandish moments, or even set up confrontations v the Philadelphia Parking authority employees in the name of entertainment.

While there is small doubt that the episodes to be edited to make them much more exciting, over there is no evidence that A&E actually set up any type of of the occurrences on screen – and given how many civilization get parking ticket in Philadelphia and also the other cities top top the show, there was definitely no need to manufacture any incidents for the cameras, unlike every the fake things around Operation Repo!

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seven years passed between that very first Parking wars documentary film and also the first episode the the TV collection by the same name, so that is probably unsurprising the the makers of the display would pick to do a few changes.

The many obvious adjust between “The shed Pilot” and the remainder of the Parking Wars series is the the initial film had actually a narrator, Daniel Jenkins, who explained a lot of the lift information, while in the TV series, this to be done through the staff of the Philadelphia Parking authority themselves, an increasing their parts and also making the show feel much more inclusive.

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9 much more Cities Were added As Ratings started To Drop

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The an initial five seasons of Parking Wars were filmed totally on place in Philadelphia and concentrated really much top top the same small group of PPA employees. However, selection is the spice the life, and also the makers of the display realized they essential to change things increase a bit.

because that season six, they introduced the parking enforcers the Detroit, Michigan, and eventually, Philadelphia was dropped completely in season seven, in favor of new cities Providence, Rhode Island, Trenton, brand-new Jersey, as well as Staten Island and also North Hempstead in brand-new York. Short ratings no the only reason that Philadelphia to be replaced, yet they certainly didn’t help the city’s case.

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Dropping narrator Daniel Jenkins wasn’t the only change that the A&E network chose to make in between “The lost Pilot” in 2001 and the display in 2008. The first film had followed the Philadelphia Parking Authority through the entirety process, from issuing ticket to collecting fines, and from placing boots ~ above vehicles without impressive fines to towing cars who owners had actually racked up significant debts.

It also included occasions as soon as PPA staff had to seize vehicles, i m sorry were then auctioned turn off to pay because that the fines, a part of the process which was dropped when it pertained to the Parking Wars TV series, in donate of more on-street confrontations.

7 Clarence on PPA Tow formation Once had His Own car Towed!

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Clarence Nichols was one of the Philadelphia Parking government enforcers who had actually been ~ above Parking Wars from the start of the series, driving among the tow van which patrolled the city, choose up illegally-parked vehicles, or those whose owners owed thousands in unpaid parking fine.

considering that he had functioned for the PPA for countless years, girlfriend would have actually thought the Nichols would have actually a perfect parking record; however, he actually had actually his own vehicle towed away as soon as by the PPA. At the very least he had a an excellent excuse – he had lent the vehicle to his sister for a few days!

if dwindling ratings were partly responsible for the decision to introduce new cities right into the show, and to at some point drop Philadelphia from Parking Wars altogether, the was far from the only reason.

Philadelphians, consisting of prominent citizens, came to be upset v the way the A&E network was portraying the city. The regional tourist board received dozens that letters and also emails from viewers who stated that lock were never ever going come visit the city. They quote the reason was since of the way the Philadelphia Parking Authority encountered parking infringements, consisting of those cursed by visitors to the city, that often discovered the local parking rules difficult to understand.

5 PPA was Criticised for Getting involved In The Show

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given all the negative press the Parking Wars produced within Philadelphia, the was inevitable that the Philadelphia Parking Authority was going come come under criticism because that agreeing come take part in the TV collection in the first place. After ~ all, the PPA is a federal government agency, and also they have actually a responsibility not just to act the members of the public with respect but additionally to stand for the city once it involves visitors and also tourists.

Getting connected in street confrontations v motorists might make for an excellent TV, yet it certainly isn’t the type of habits the windy has concerned expect from government employees.

and it wasn’t simply the local tourist plank in Philadelphia the was obtaining hate mail as a result of the Parking Wars TV series. Also the city’s Mayor and also the branch of Pennsylvania were called upon come take action to gain the show taken turn off TV. However, they admitted the they were powerless to pressure the A&E network come ditch the show or even to readjust how the PPA and also the city were depicted on it.

Instead, their advice to anyone who discovered Parking Wars offensive was to move it off, v both claiming lock didn’t clock the collection themselves!

3 some Offenders Owe hundreds of Dollars

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Viewers don’t constantly get the full story behind the events featured on illustration of Parking Wars, and also they would more than likely be a lot more sympathetic to the PPA staff and parking enforcers from various other cities if lock knew every the facts.

Towing someone’s vehicle away or outing a boot on a vehicle may seem a little over-the-top for unpaid parking tickets, yet the reality is that countless of the worst offenders owe the city hundreds or sometimes even thousands the dollars in parking fines, i m sorry accrue interest if they continue to walk unpaid. The is why the city can also seize and also auction vehicles if the blame is severe enough.

Jeff Widman is an additional of the Philadelphia Parking government workers who were involved with Parking Wars from the very beginning, and was definitely a bit of eye candy for the mrs viewers!

However, Jeff also had a little bit of a roving eye and admitted that he enjoyed his job since it enabled him to fulfill a lot of women – a comment that probably would be frowned top top by both the A&E network and particular viewers today. Jeff wasn’t always happy through female attention, though, together he when confessed that his strangest moment working for the PPA was as soon as a particular woman make a happen at him…

1 lots Of bad Language - however A&E Cuts most Of that Out!

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that won’t surprise anyone to find out that the Parking Wars camera crew caught a lot of of negative language top top camera if they to be filming; after ~ all, numerous of the confrontations in between motorists and PPA employees turned nice heated, nice quickly.

However, the present was broadcast at an early stage enough in the evening that any swear words had actually to be either reduced from the display completely, come sanitize the whole argument, or if the producers might get away with it, castle would simply bleep the end the poor words, and leave the rest of the row as it was. Otherwise, Parking Wars would definitely have needed an “R” rating!