Inflation-Adjusted High because that a Movie Ticket to be Hit in 1973

In 2012, the average expense of a movie ticket in the United claims was $7.92. This doesn"t include every one of the (expensive) extras the you usually acquire roped into buying when you hit the theater, such as popcorn, pop and also chocolate bars. Us are just talking around the actual ticket. In 1910, the average cost of a movie ticket to be $0.07. Readjusted for inflation, a movie ticket in 1910 would work-related out to about $1.71 in 2013 dollars. Movie Ticket Stub - IllustrationIn 1924, the price of a movie ticket to be $0.25, which functions out to about $3.33 in 2013 dollars. The cost of a movie theater ticket would slowly rise throughout the so late "20s and also early "30s prior to hitting a brick wall. The cause? The "Great Depression". In 1933, the inflation-adjusted expense of a movie theater ticket to be $6.14 - by 1937, this number had dropped every the way back down to $3.97 (inflation adjusted) as Americans struggled to afford nights out. A movie theatre ticket hovered about the $4 note (inflation-adjusted) throughout human being War II, and also would bounce in between $4-$5 until the beforehand "60s, as soon as the cost of seeing a movie started to soar. By 1966, the price of seeing a movie in 2013 dollars was $7.73, i m sorry is around what the cost is today. The cost ongoing to rise throughout the so late "60s and also early "70s, hitting one inflation-adjusted high the $9.34 in 1973.

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The inflation-adjusted price of seeing a movie would decrease throughout the "80s and "90s - in 1996, a movie theatre ticket cost $4.42, which functions out to $6.46 in 2013 dollars. Indigenous 2000-2012, the prices of purchasing a movie theater in the United claims (Year | cost of Ticket | Inflation changed Cost):2000 | $5.39 | $7.182001 | $5.66 | $7.332002 | $5.81 | $7.402003 | $6.03 | $7.522004 | $6.21 | $7.542005 | $6.41 | $7.522006 | $6.55 | $7.452007 | $6.88 | $7.612008 | $7.18 | $7.652009 | $7.50 | $8.012010 | $7.89 | $8.302011 | $7.93 | $8.082012 | $7.92 | $7.92The expense of a Movie Ticket - Inflation changed Chart - 1910 - 2012Source: What Did it Cost? A watch Back

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