Kinds of Beam

Normally, the deck of a beam leg is make of reinforced concrete or metal. Crossbracing is commonly used in between the bridge beams to rise the fill bearing capacity of the beams. Another technique of enhancing the beam pack capacity, v use the minimum internet depth, is by the addition of haunches, located at the supported ends. Generally, the middle section has is a customary form with a parallel flange. The angled or curved flanged ends space bolted, or riveted, by the use of involvement plates. Because transportation of heavy and long beams come the bridge site is difficult, quick convenient beam lengths room normally associated on website by utilizing splice plates.

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Advantages & defect of a Beam Bridge

Beam leg Advantages

Beam bridges are advantageous for quick spans.Long distances are usually covered by put the beams ~ above piers.

Beam bridge DisadvantagesBeam bridges might be costly even for rather quick spans, since expensive steel is compelled as a building material. Concrete is also used together beam material, and also is cheaper. However, concrete is comparatively not that solid to withstand the high tensile pressures acting ~ above the beams. Therefore, the concrete beams are normally reinforced by using steel mesh.When lengthy spans are forced to be covered, beam bridges are extremely expensive because of the piers required for holding the lengthy beams. Building of the assistance piers might not always be feasible due come the limitation of space.Bridge beams are likely to droop in between the piers, as result of the various bridge tons acting downwards. The forces acting upwards in ~ the pier supports additionally influence the drooping effect. The sagging tendency is raised when the bridge span or pack is increased.

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Modern Beam Bridges

The sections of the existing steel beam bridges are normally fabricated at ideal locations, and then transported to the bridge building and construction site. Welding the the bridge facets is performed at the building site. Subsequently, the sections are fixed with the supports. The form of the box is designed to be trapezoid since this construction facilitates pass of the wind, without damaging the leg structure. The maintain of a steel beam leg is very expensive. Concrete beam bridges being an ext economical, are therefore commonly used. The concrete beam is simple, and does not need a great deal that maintenance. Concrete beams incorporate adequate steel for their reinforcement.


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