How Old carry out You need to be to work-related at Publix?

To get a task at Publix together a cashier, floral clerk, or bagger, you should be at least 14 year old. All of the various other entry-level jobs in the store require you to be one of two people 16 or 18 year old.

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Every Publix place is a multimillion-dollar enterprise, offering profitable retail jobs and also exciting revenue potential. There are numerous career opportunities, including permanent jobs for those seek to advancement their careers and part-time tasks for those needing functional schedules to accommodate family and also school activities.

Full-time, non-management associates earn much more than $30,000 every year on average, depending on pay rate, hrs worked, and experience. And also there is a clear path causing management for work in every room in the store.

Teen jobs at Publix and also Age Requirements

Cashier (Hourly)

Cashiers in ~ Publix are the most visible associates to customers, for this reason they play a an essential role in providing premier client service. Since they ring increase groceries, they additionally play crucial role in profitability. Publix counts on the cashiers come ensure the exactly price is charged for each item sold and provide the correct adjust to customers.

Job duties include:

Provide premier client service, consisting of greeting customers and answering their questions.Weigh and also scan products.Accept payment and also provide change when appropriate.Handle cash and also other forms of tender accurately.Bag assets when necessary.Maintain a neat and clean it is registered area.Assist in other duties together assigned.

You have to be at least 14 year old to job-related as a cashier in ~ Publix. 

Floral salesperson (Hourly)

If friend love blooms and balloons, functioning at Publix together a floral clerk may be the entry-level project for you. The Floral Clerks ensure proper care and presentation that the flower and plant products and balloons, and provide friendly help to customers that visit the Floral department trying to find just the appropriate gift or expression.

The floral clerk offers premier customer service, consisting of greeting customers and answering your questions, sells products by giving customers with information needed to do product-related decisions, and also assists in ordering the suitable amount the product because that the department.

Other task responsibilities include: 

Fill and also clean racks, displays, shelves, coolers, and also refrigerated screens as needed.Create floral arrangements come display and sell.Perform plant maintain tasks, consisting of watering, trimming, and rotating product for ideal merchandising.Sweep and also mop sales floor, stockroom, and also coolers.Assists with various other duties as assigned.

You have to be at the very least 14 year old to occupational at Publix together a floral clerk.

Bagger (Hourly)

A bagger - AKA Front service Clerk - helps differentiate Publix from their rivals by supplying carryout organization to customers’ vehicles. They communicate with client constantly, and often make a customer’s last impression that the store and their level of service. For this reason, Front company Clerks are an extremely important to ensuring finish customer satisfaction.

Job responsibilities are:

Provide premier customer service, consisting of greeting customers and also answering their questions.Bag groceries.Take client carts come the parking lot and unload groceries into customer vehicles.Carry bags to client vehicles when necessary.Help customers locate products throughout the store.Restock bags.Retrieve purchase carts indigenous the parking lot.Assist in cleaning duties together assigned.Assist in other duties as assigned.

To work as a bagger at Publix, you have to be at least 14 year old.

Can a 15 Year Old occupational at Publix?

Yes! 15-year-olds can work at Publix as a cashier, floral clerk, or bagger. We have a web page on our website specifically for 15-year-olds if you would favor to see various other options.

Can a 16 Year Old work-related at Publix? 

Yes! 16-year-olds can work at Publix in a selection of entry-level positions. We have actually a page on our website specifically for 16-year-olds the you deserve to view for other options.

How lot Does Publix pay Part-Time Workers?

The hourly earnings for employees at Publix vary since of state and also city minimum wage laws. However, us can provide you a basic idea that what the hourly salary is because that each position.

Cashier (Hourly)

As a cashier in ~ Publix, you will certainly be do somewhere in between minimum wage and also $14 per hour. If you room coming in at entry-level without any type of prior experience, then you will certainly most likely start at minimum wage.

The median hourly rate for a Publix cashier is $11.

Floral clerk (Hourly)

The price of pay for floral clerks is in between minimum wage and $12 one hour. You will most likely start in ~ minimum wage unless you have previous experience.

The typical hourly wage because that floral clerks in ~ Publix is $10.

Bagger (Hourly)

Baggers in ~ Publix do anywhere between minimum wage and also $11 every hour. If this is your an initial job, you will most likely start in ~ minimum wage.

The mean hourly price for a bagger in ~ Publix is $9. 

How lot Experience carry out You must Work at Publix?

Publix is one entry-level, trusted company, so girlfriend can apply for a place without any experience and get hired together a cashier, floral clerk, or bagger. Working in an entry-level store project is a great way to acquire your foot in the door in ~ Publix. And also because they promote from within, Publix is a great place to thrive your career.

What need to You Wear to a project Interview in ~ Publix?

Publix is a grocery store chain, so when you present up for her interview, you will desire to it is in dressed in business casual attire. Think about something choose a buttoned-down shirt with nice slacks and also dress shoes. You carry out not desire to show up as well casual in a t-shirt and also jeans, yet you don’t need to be also formal and also show increase in a service suit.

Publix Interview Questions

The possible questions in a job interview space endless, and it constantly depends top top the interviewer. There room some usual questions that they have actually been well-known to ask many applicants. 

A customer is plainly annoyed since when she went home she realized the strawberries she to buy were every soiled. Just how do friend react?

Why are they asking?

When it comes to life in customer service, you will come throughout your re-publishing of upset or challenging customers. They could ask friend this concern to see exactly how you take care of an uncomfortable customer since it does come up, and you need to handle it in the best method possible.

What’s the appropriate answer?

If you nothing have any type of experiences with daunting customers, it is okay. If you do, tell them the story (if you taken on it well, and also it had a confident outcome). If the situation ended up with you screaming and yelling or getting fired, that’s no a story you desire to share.

They desire to hear that you will do what the takes to make the client happy. Phone call them friend would find them much better strawberries or give them a refund. If girlfriend couldn’t deal with the problem, girlfriend would gain a manager and have them aid you.

What space your strengths and also weaknesses?

Why are they asking?

If they ask you this question, they space trying to find out what job an abilities you can lug to the position, and what you must work on. 

Applicants room usually maybe to communicate their strengths, but when it comes to weaknesses, some think it’s finest to say they don’t have any or can’t think the any. Don’t carry out this—that prize is a red flag.

What’s the best answer?

The rental manager desires to recognize that you have the right to accept feedback and develop your own skills. Give one or two toughness with examples to go through them. Then perform one or two weaknesses, and also describe how you’re functioning on them.

A good answer for a weakness would certainly be other like, “I’ve to be told i speak as well quickly, so I’ve been practicing on slowly down once talking v customers.”

Why must we rental you?

Why space they asking?

If a manager asks friend this question, they room trying to gain you to market yourself. A huge part the your project at Publix is to offer excellent client service and also to be able to drive sales with excellent communication and also product knowledge. 

They are wanting to find out just how well friend can communicate while being positive and also professional. If you can sell yourself, you have the right to sell their merchandise.

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What’s the ideal answer?

Know her strengths. If you acquire asked this question, tell them how you will benefit their business. They want to hear the you space creative, have over average verbal communication skills, have a friendly and also upbeat demeanor, and also can properly sell merchandise.

Tell them that you room a trustworthy worker that will present up to work on time because that every scheduled shift. If you desire a career with Publix, absolutely let them know since there are avenues for advancement. 

Benefits of working at Publix

Everyone that works at Publix is paid weekly, and the agency has been on the list of happiness magazine’s “100 best Companies to job-related For” because that 22 years in a row.

Benefits include:

Paid time off, payment holidays, and paid ailing daysAnnual BonusesVacation 401K with agency match Employee Stock acquisition PlanHealth, Dental, Vision, and also InsuranceCredit Union MembershipTuition reimbursementFree flu shots

What it’s like to job-related at Publix