The Honda public has a helpful feature that tells you exactly how much life is left in her oil prior to you absolutely need an oil change. A the majority of Salem drivers have concerned rely on it. As soon as you’ve changed the oil in your Honda Civic, the oil life indicator should read 100% and also the Honda public oil light (a small orange wrench) must go away. Yet if you’re still seeing the little wrench, or the oil life is at a low percentage, you will have to reset it so friend don’t miss out on an oil change. The expert organization technicians in ~ Dover Honda of Dover will constantly reset the oil life for you as soon as you bring your Honda in because that service. But if you find yourself in this situation since you’ve had actually your oil adjusted somewhere else, don’t worry. We provide step by action instructions listed below on exactly how to reset the oil life on a Honda Civic.

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How to Reset Oil Life ~ above a more recent Honda Civic

Getting rid that the Honda public oil light on newer design cars is a small different 보다 on older cars. Follow this steps:

Use the ignition switch to rotate on the car’s power without turning on the enginePress the Menu button (the switch with the tiny “i” on it on the left side of the steering wheel) twicePress “Enter” and hold till you check out the maintenance screenScroll v the onscreen choices until you watch the oil life option (usually “Item A”)Press and also hold “Enter” till the oil life has reset to 100%

How to Reset Oil Life top top an larger Honda Civic

It’s actually much easier to get rid of the Honda public oil light on older cars. That’s good, since you don’t desire to be driving an older car about the Saco area without understanding whether it requirements an oil change!

Turn on the power without beginning the enginePress and hold the “SEL/RESET” switch until the oil life indicator starts to blink, climate release.Press and also hold the “SEL/RESET” button again till the indicator stop blinking and resets come 100%.

Schedule service at Dover Honda

Of course, you won’t need to worry around any of this as soon as you schedule your following oil change at Dover Honda. Our expert Honda technicians understand what they’re doing. We also make it basic for friend to obtain service.

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Go you know you deserve to schedule organization online? We likewise have organization coupons accessible to make maintaining your automobile even an ext affordable. We’re conveniently located near Stratham, therefore drop through or contact us today! If friend would choose to discover more, take a look at even more helpful business guides together as exactly how to adjust a Honda key fob battery, and so much more!