Robby Krieger reveals just how he involved write The Doors" Love she Madly, exactly how Jim Morisson loved it, and also how their producer didn"t


“To be honest? ns was bored.” Robby Krieger, guitarist v The Doors, is in his house in Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles, recalling the writing of his of his song Love she Madly, the 2nd track top top the band’s final album, L.A. Woman.

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It’s September 1970 and The Doors are in a precarious position. The really real opportunity of singer Jim Morrison being imprisoned because that inciting a riot and public indecency at the Dinner vital Auditorium in Miami the previous march overshadows them. Promoters refuse to publication them and gigs space sporadic; lengthy tours impossible.

Having appeared at the Isle of Wight festival on respectable 29, they’re ago in Los Angeles. While Morrison is creating an appeal versus a six-month sentence and a $50,000 fine handed out on September 20, the remainder of the band, Krieger recalls, “are cooling our heels.

“But i knew we’d need to get back in the studio,” he says, “so ns went and also bought a brand-new guitar – one acoustic Gibson 335 12-string. Someday I was strumming the new purchase and I stumbled over a nice riff and some shuffle chords, and also Love she Madly began to take it shape.”

Writing lyrics was not complicated for Krieger, who wrote “25 every cent that the words and also at least 75 per cent of the music” because that The Doors. Light my Fire, your No.1 hit, to be his (with a ‘funeral pyre’ interjection from Jim).

He additionally wrote You’re Lost tiny Girl and also Love Me 2 Times for the Strange Days album, Wintertime Love and Yes, The flow Knows ~ above Waiting for The Sun, and also all four singles taken from 1969’s The Soft Parade. There to be Touch Me (a No.3 in the US) that Morrison disliked, and also Wishful Sinful, Tell all The People (another Morrison ‘yuck’), Runnin’ Blue

“Despite Miami us weren’t in decline,” Krieger says of The Doors of late 1970. “The Morrison Hotel album and Absolutely Live offered well. But the trouble through Jim to be that even when things were great he’d find a means to fuck it up. That was his job.”

It’s mid-October, and Robby has Love she Madly in decent shape. “Usually every my songs are around the four elements: fire, air, water, earth. This one wasn’t typical for me. Lyrically I resolved on the idea that a guy whose girl friend is his obsession however she keeps on walking out and giving that the runaround. The was me. I created it about Lynn, now my wife.”


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Lynn Veres Krieger, the subject of Love she Madly, was a go-go dancer from new Jersey that met The Doors in brand-new York in 67 in ~ the Ondine discotheque – a ar frequented through The Velvet Underground and Andy Warhol’s factory crowd. She caught Morrison’s eye once her falsies slipped the end of her bra, and they had a short fling, before she gravitated to Robby. Lynn and Robby would certainly marry in 1972.

Krieger didn’t placed Love her Madly onto cassette – he didn’t very own one. “I came right into our workshop ~ above La Cienega and sung castle the song. It to be a bluesy, virtually folk-rock thing that Arthur Lee and Love might have done. Ray Manzarek put on some great classical harpsichord-style keyboards, and John Densmore included a army drum and a shuffle, for this reason it had a contempt Latin feel.

"It was an easy-listening song, yet Jim love that; he chosen to croon. As soon as he wanted to he might sing favor Frank Sinatra, who he listened to a lot. Jim made it different and better. His favourite part was the line: ‘All her love is gone, so song a lonely song/Of a deep blue dream, seven equines seem, to it is in on the mark’.

"Jim always told me: ‘Put in other that makes the listener confused’. It didn’t mean much – seven horses were prefer a happy omen. Jim liked horse racing from his Florida days. The bit about ‘seem to be on the mark’ merely fitted the army rhythm.”

One human being who didn’t price Love her Madly to be The Doors’ long-time producer, Paul A. Rothchild.

“It was early in the L.A. Woman sessions,” says Krieger. “Paul heard Riders on The Storm and also Love her Madly, and dropped his bombshell: ‘I am not going to create this! It’s cocktail music!’. The story goes that he’d just finished Janis Joplin’s Pearl album, and also she died in early on October.

"A couple of days later on he watch Jim in bad shape and also thinks: ‘This is every going the very same way’. He thought we to be on the means down, and also didn’t want to it is in dragged along. Yet Jim was very much alive then, so i don’t know his actual reasoning.”

With engineer Bruce Botnick currently sharing production with Krieger, Love her Madly to be completed in at an early stage December v bass player Jerry Scheff. “Jerry to be vital. We brought him in because he’d been on the roadway with Elvis Presley and he was hot. His loping bass component was something i suggested, due to the fact that I’d heard his playing through Elvis and also I wanted that specific feel.”

When The Doors delivered the perfect L.A. Woman album come Elektra documents in beforehand 1971, ceo Jac Holzman told lock Love her Madly would be the an initial single.

“I wasn’t as well happy about that since I thought it was means too commercial,” Robby says. “I want Riders ~ above The Storm, it had more impact. Yet Holzman said: ‘No. FM radio is beginning to get huge and this will sound terrific’. He to be right. As soon as I an initial heard it, driving round LA in February, it sounded great, it leapt the end of the speakers. It had actually perfect luxury frequencies for car radio, and also Scheff’s bass made the boom. I told Jerry that years later and also he said: ‘Yeah, i know. Where’s the money?’.”

Jim Morrison left The Doors to go to Paris in the very same week in march 1971 that Love she Madly was released. Exterior of the studio he only ever sung it twice: when at the Dallas State fair Music Hall during The Doors’ 2nd set (he was also drunk to make every one of the very first one), and also finally at brand-new Orleans Warehouse ~ above December 12, 1970.

These to be the last times The Doors ever appeared live together a group. While Jim had less than 4 months left come live, Krieger have the right to look earlier on a triumphant swansong through the errant singer, having written the last hit The Doors had in the band’s lifetime.

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