Longest and shortest book in the NewTestamentJuly 11, 2011

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It is quite renowned that the longest book in the holy bible is the Psalms, of i beg your pardon there space 150 separation, personal, instance Psalms.

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However the Psalms are contained in the Old Testament, therefore what about the brand-new Testament….Which book is the longest in the brand-new Testament? prior to you run at one answer, right here are straightforward stats to consider.

– The Gospel of Matthew includes 28 chapters

– The Gospel that Mark has 16 chapters

– The Gospel the Luke contains 24 chapters

– The Gospel of John contains 21 chapters

– The book of Acts contains 28 chapters

– The publication of Revelation contains 22 chapters

At first impression the fight is between Matthew and also Acts as they both save 28 chapters. You would more than likely put your money on action being much longer as that is a continuation of the Gospels… the probably has actually further information on the Gospels and also so on…..

But this fight is wrong! The longest book in the new Testament is the Gospel of Luke.

Despite the Gospel of Luke containing 24 chapters, 4 less 보다 both Matthew and Acts, the contains more verses and words<1>.

For the statistically minded, Luke has 1151 verses contrasted to 1071 uncovered in Matthew and also 1006 discovered in Acts<2>. Also, despite Matthew containing an ext verses 보다 Acts, the actually includes fewer words in total than both Acts and Luke.

The question regarding why Luke is higher in volume than both Matthew and Acts must be asked. Yet I want to try and prize this next time.

Also because we are here, what is the shortest book in the new Testament?

Here room some straightforward stats to consider:

– Philemon consists of one chapter

– 2 John has one chapter

– 3 John consists of one chapter

– Jude includes one chapter

Probably challenging to contact just based upon this. Below are some more stats:

– Philemon’s solitary chapter has 25 verses

– 2 John’s single chapter has 13 verses

– 3 John’s solitary chapter has 15 verses

– Jude’s solitary chapter has 25 verses

So us are now battling between 2 John and 3 John, and you would have to assume the 2 john is shorter……..but the is not! in spite of 3 man containing two an ext verses than 2 man it actually consists of less words<3>. Surprise, surprise…..

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So the Gospel that Luke is the longest book in the brand-new Testament, if 3 man is the shortest. At first glance both of these answers show up unlikely, but I think the answers offer testimony come the depth that the bible. The more you study the bible, the much more you realise the wonders it contains…..

<1>Felix Just, New testimony Statistics, 2005. Accessed top top 11th July 2011, available at: http://catholic-resources.org/Bible/NT-Statistics-Greek.htm