A Mint 10 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie map is placed on display at the Colorado history Museum. A Mint 9 variation of the card freshly sold because that a document $5.2 million.

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It’s the divine Grail.

It’s the Mona Lisa.

Entrepreneur rob Gough trust he got both sheathe in one once he purchase a rare Mickey Mantle rookie baseball card for a record $5.2 million in November.

“I’ve constantly wanted this card,” Gough newly told Forbes. “I’ve been searching for this divine Grail, the Mona Lisa of sports cards.”

He likewise believes he acquired quite a bargain.

“I think I gained a tremendous deal ~ above this card.” Gough said, adding that he believed it was “massively undervalued” and “a steal” at the price.

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The previous record price for a sporting activities card was for a signed Mike Trout rookie map from the 2009 bowman Chrome draft Prospects Superfractor series, which marketed for $3.9 million in August.


Gough, CEO of Dope apparel and an investor with an approximated net precious of $75 million, has actually owned a 1952 Topps #311 Mantle rookie card twice before, however those were graded Mint 5 and also 6, top top a scale of 1 come 10, by expert Sports Authenticator.

The one he newly purchased is among only six Mint 9 versions of the card well-known to exist. (There space three known Mint 10 versions of the card, yet the owner are claimed to have no attention in selling.)

It was last offered in 2018 come an unknown the person who lives for $2.88 million.

“As a kid, this map was the most iconic map ever,” Gough said the Indianapolis Star. “It’s constantly been the confront of the hobby, the card the everybody knows.”