Knowing just how to analyze sizes is an invaluable skill in the clothing industry, whereby I occupational in it is provided chain procurement.

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I work in the clothes industry, therefore I understand that recognize the right size is frequently tricky. Sizing varies commonly over time, apparel are regularly tagged incorrectly, and also wearers' personal sizing choice (baggy vs. Fitted) have the right to all bring about mistakes. You have the right to buy the perfect dimension for a person's body and it still could not it is in the "right" fit.

Unfortunately, to make matters worse, there is no sector sizing standard. Every brand uses its own random dimensions to recognize its dimension tags, and also this method that a human who fits a dimension M in one brand might need a together in another. You merely can't recognize for certain if miscellaneous is going to fit you uneven you shot it on.

Rather 보다 looking at dimension tags, looking at dimensions is the best method to proceed. Right here are some raw sizing basics that might assist you obtain the right size and also fit. In this article, we'll acquire into what all of those letters and numbers translate to in regards to size.


Size (US)








Bust/Chest (in/cm)

31½ come 32½" (80 to 82.5 cm)

33½ - 34½" (85 to 87 cm)

35½ come 37½" (90 to 95 cm)

38 come 39½" (96.5 to 100 cm)

40 come 42" (101.5 to 106.5 cm)

44 come 46" (112 come 117 cm)

48 come 50" (122 come 127 cm)

Waist (in/cm)

23 to 24" (58 come 60 cm)

25 - 26" (63.5 to 66 cm)

27 to 28" (68.5 come 71 cm)

29½ come 31" (75 to 79 cm)

1 to 33" (79 come 84 cm)

Waist: 35 come 37" (90 come 94 cm)

38 to 40" (96.5 come 102 cm)

Hips (in/cm)

33½ come 35" (85 to 90 cm)

36 to 37" (91 to 94 cm)

38 come 39" (96.5 to 99 cm)

40½ come 42" (103 come 106.5 cm)

42 to 44" (107 to 112 cm)

46 come 48" (117 to 122 cm)

50 come 52" (127 to 132 cm)

What walk Women's Extra little (XS) Mean?

XS means extra small, which approximately translates to a women's dimension 0-2 in many brands.

Chest: 31½ come 32½" (80 to 82.5 cm)

Waist: 23 to 24" (58 come 60 cm)

Hips: 33½ to 35" (85 to 90 cm)

What does S Women's tiny Mean?

S means small, i beg your pardon translates around to a women's size 4 come 6 in most brands.

Chest: 33½ - 34½" (85 come 87 cm)

Waist: 25 - 26" (63.5 to 66 cm)

Hips: 36 to 37" (91 come 94 cm)

What go M Women's tool Mean?

M way medium, i m sorry translates approximately to women's size 8 come 10.

Chest: 35½ come 37½" (90 come 95 cm)

Waist: 27 to 28" (68.5 come 71 cm)

Hips: 38 to 39" (96.5 come 99 cm)

How to measure up Yourself because that Buying garments Online


Use a soft ice cream measure. Lay it flat and also snug (but not tight) in ~ the widest components of your hips and chest (narrowest part of waist). Measure against skin quite than end clothes.

Mason Jones via Unsplash; Canva

What Does l Women's large Mean?

L means large and translates roughly to women's sizes 12 come 14.

Chest: 38 to 39½" (96.5 to 100 cm)

Waist: 29½ come 31" (75 to 79 cm)

Hips: 40½ come 42" (103 to 106.5 cm)

What go XL Women's Extra large Mean?

XL way extra big and equates to women's sizes 16 - 18.

Chest: 40 to 42" (101.5 come 106.5 cm)

Waist: 31 come 33" (79 come 84 cm)

Hips: 42 to 44" (107 come 112 cm)

2XL Women's double Large or Extra, Extra Large?

2XL is women's double large or extra large, which translates about to woman's sizes 18 come 20.

Chest: 44 come 46" (112 come 117 cm)

Waist: 35 to 37" (90 come 94 cm)

Hips: 46 come 48" (117 to 122 cm)

3XL Women's Triple Large?

3XL is women's triple extra big and about translates come women's sizes 22 - 24 or larger.

Chest: 48 to 50" (122 come 127 cm) or larger

Waist: 38 to 40" (96.5 to 102 cm) or larger

Hips: 50 to 52" (127 come 132 cm) or larger


How to measure to discover Your Size

Use a soft, flexible tape measure up to take your measurements.Make certain to lay it flat and also snug (but not tight) and keep it parallel come the floor.Measure against skin rather than over clothes.Don’t organize your breath or suck you yourself in, as this defeats the purpose! :)

How to measure her chest:

Place the tape measure about the widest part of your chest, under her arms. It helps if you host both arms up and have a girlfriend take the measurement.

How come measure her waist:

Place the tape measure up at the smallest component of your waist, just above your ship button. Shot to save the tape measure parallel come the ground.

How come measure your hips:

Measure the widest part of her hips, usually just listed below the hipbones. Keep the tape measure flat and even.

What if ns don't have actually a tape measure?

Don't worry—just usage a piece of yarn or cable or even a shoelace, then measure that v a leader or yardstick.

Should i measure my body or my clothes?

Measure your body, no your clothes. If you were going come copy and also sew a new garment, girlfriend would want to measure the clothes itself, yet if you're simply hoping to uncover the right-size garment, climate measure her body.

If You space Buying trousers or Bras Online

If you space buying pants online, you'll certainly want to review What size Pants carry out I Wear? (With conversion Charts).

To discover out precisely how to offer yourself because that a bra fitting, read exactly how to measure up the right Bra Size.


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Thar is a challenging one! Appesars theres a tee shirt co called xuu however i dont recall that size either. Sorry!

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Hi, ns came throughout women's trousers that have actually "xUU" (such together 10 xuu) and also have no idea what it means. Can you explain??

Very well claimed Amy! A the majority of really good points on the weird variance you have the right to sometimes get between stated size and also actual size. Also things less thought of favor laboratory (latex) gloves right differently. In that situation it usually has to do v the nation of beginning (and the size of their populace :-)

Thanks for the comment! Really appreciate it.

Amy Becherer indigenous St. Louis, MO on December 14, 2010:

Very interesting topic. Since I do most of my shopping online, I inspect the dimension charts (European clothes is usually less generous 보다 American sizes) and always read reviews prior to making a purchase. Details manufacturers apparently calibrate sizing in different ways (Pilco jeans sold at Anthropologie are well known for "tight with the thighs no issue the size and generally, the an ext expensive, the an ext generous the material). I frequently wonder if the motivation of expensive lines is an ext promotional, flattering the consumer to rise sales. The form of product (stretch factor) can have a bearing. The reduced of a dress can produce a architecture that is an ext or less forgiving relying on body type. Shoes deserve to be tricky, and I've discovered reviews native buyers are the finest indicator concerning how true come fit a product runs. Thank you because that this informative and also well done create on an exciting subject.

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TurtleDog (author) on October 24, 2010:

Hi! many thanks for the good question I'd suggest twin checking mine answer v the keep or website you are looking to buy from however I do believe that women's complete in most Halloween costumes range from 16-18 and even a wider range the 14-18 depending on where you room shopping. Finest bet is to double check this due to the fact that Halloween costumes differ in styles and also sizes enough that it can be tough to pen down specific number.