Naruto: Every finishing Song, Ranked Naruto has constantly had some an effective ending song to settle the tone of the anime. These room the 10 best overall!

Naruto has provided the anime ar a the majority of openings to jam to, however what around endings? us understand. Many anime watchers room so anxious around the next episode that they click the "skip" switch to get to the action immediately.

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But for those who room not binge-watching, they acquire to watch and also listen come each finishing song. Despite unknown to most, Naruto has actually a lot of finishing songs. Since overseas fans only received one opening and also didn"t have enough time to display us the true endings, most an initial saw it after rewatching -- and we"re going to rank every one.

"Harmonia" to be sung by Rythem floor the #10. The Konoha 11, and the various other supporting and also main characters, are shown floating v the air as shiny photographs. Sakura and also Ino sing around how she loves a particular person and also asks them if they have the right to hear them v telepathy.

While castle sing around their love, they shot to get Sasuke to rotate around and also notice, to which Naruto does to their irritation. The tune is tenderness on the ears and acts as among the more lighter Naruto endings.

"The very first Time i Spoke v You" was sung by GaGaGa SP and also was the ending for episodes 192 to 202. We"re running with memories through Naruto for this ending. Although the song sounds upbeat, the shows ideas of melancholy along with the lyrics. Speaking about the very first time the singer spoke through someone, that depicts assorted characters prior to they met.

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It mirrors Hinata city hall Naruto indigenous afar, Naruto watching Sakura native afar, and ends v the minute Naruto and Sasuke establish they to be alone and similar to one other. The acts together an ode to before everyone knew another.

"Viva★Rock ~ Japanese side ~" to be sung through ORANGE range and to be the finishing for illustration 52 come 64. If you don"t prefer chibi characters, then this finishing isn"t because that you. You may have currently heard the this band together famously singing the first opening for Bleach, but before achieving the feat lock sung an ending theme for Naruto.

It shows each character walking before shifting to a manga-style for Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and also Kakashi. It"s a basic ending for wherein the collection was throughout this allude and is one that is sure to placed a smile on your face.

7 alive (NARUTO ED 4)

"ALIVE" to be sung by Raiko and was the ending for episodes 65 to 77. When the vocals may capture some off guard, once the beat and also rapping come in girlfriend can"t assist but desire to sing and rap along with Raiko. The ending doesn"t present anything extravagant yet at the very same time, that does tell you a lot there is no thinking around it as well much.

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Naruto is overlooking the town and staring in ~ the Hokage Rock, where he stops to stare at the fourth Hokage frequently. This ending additionally happens come take ar after the 3rd Hokage is eliminated by Orochimaru.

"Many time Before" to be sung by The fixed Missile and also was the ending for illustration 78 to 89. Below we have one a rarely Naruto finishing where Sasuke is included. We watch Naruto sit alone during sunset before Sakura and Sasuke involved greet him, turning night into dawn and also bringing along the Konoha 11.

This finishing shows that although Naruto might be offered to gift alone, the isn"t as long as every one of his friends are by his side. It"s uplifting to watch everyone come with each other without any sadness and simply was standing by each other without fighting around something.

5 because YOU space WITH ME (NARUTO ED 11)

"Because You room With Me" to be sung through AMADORI and to be the ending for illustration 154 come 165. That is time to get in her feelings with this R&B track ago when it to be the norm for anime endings.

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With a loss accent and also watercolor backgrounds, the tenderness sound of the singer"s voice renders you desire to sway along with every lyric. Sakura is together with Ino in spite of the battles in their relationship, and Naruto is presented smiling happily along with his friends. This ending reminds you that although Sasuke may be gone, Naruto and also Sakura still have friends with them.

"Meteor" was sung by TiA and also was the finishing for episodes 90 to 103. We"re heading come the beach for this ending which depicts Sakura, Tenten, Ino, and Hinata in beachwear of their choice.

TiA"s voice meshes through the R&B/pop music while us watch as an artist draws every one of the girl on the coast with various items such as a beachball because that Ino or a surfboard for Sakura. Hinata is drawn on the beach during the evening. It"s a nice rest from the sore happening throughout the story in ~ the time and the addictive beat collection it at #4.

3 lost WORDS (NARUTO ED 9)

"Lost Words" to be sung by No regret Life and was the finishing for episodes 129 come 141. We"re going back to a time in the collection where Sasuke damaged his bonds between Team 7 and also painted their lives with sadness.

The singer"s raspy and an effective voice as the sings of recalling storage of a shed loved one catches the feeling of Naruto and also Sakura"s feelings on losing Sasuke. As they sit ~ above a watercraft floating in the middle of nowhere back-to-back, they each think of your memories that him and their regrets on exactly how they to be unable to protect against him.

"Scenario" was sung by SABOTEN and was the finishing for illustration 203 to 220, the finish of the series before Naruto Shippuden. It begins with an upbeat and cheerful tune automatically which is a perfect send-off for a ninja together flashy together Naruto.

Holding Sasuke"s forehead protector tight, Naruto operation on a hill, also showing a preview of the in his teenage years, to get fans excited about the continuation. It likewise depicts the other ninjas, as well as Sasuke going turn off on his path and Sakura contemplative ~ above his whereabouts. This finishing is #2 for its significance and catchiness.

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"Wind" to be sung by Akeboshi and was the finishing for illustration 1 come 25. The an initial Naruto finishing entirely in English take away the #1 spot on ours list. The haunting visuals, such together Naruto together a kid with the 9 Tails" tails behind him and also the gritty yellow hue leave an impression on her mind. It caught the article of the key character thoroughly and also paints a photo of loneliness beautifully. Return it may not be as flashy as the various other endings, the simplicity records Naruto perfect which is why Wind takes the height spot as the finest Naruto ending.

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