to mix (various sorts or grades) in order to acquire a specific kind or quality: blend a little red repaint with the blue paint.

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Linguistics. A word make by putting together parts of other words, as motel, made from motor and hotel, brunch, indigenous breakfast and lunch, or guesstimate, indigenous guess and estimate.
Phonetics. A sequence of two or much more consonant sounds within a syllable, together the bl in blend; consonant cluster.
blend in, come escape fist by feather or acting like various other members of a team or like the neighboring environment: tourist who try to blend in with the locals;salamanders that blend in with mossy surfaces.
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First taped in 1200–50; middle English blenden (the an initial e not satisfactorily explained) “to mix”; akin to Old English blandan “to mix”; cognate v or partially derived from the Old norse verb blanda (from the present stem blend- ), Old High German blantan “to mix”
non·blend·ed, adjectivenon·blend·ing, adjective, nounre·blend, verb, re·blend·ed or re·blent, re·blend·ing.un·blend·ed, adjective
bleeper, bleeping, blellum, blemish, blench, blend, blende, mixed family, combined learning, combined whiskey, blender

Blend way to mix with each other so thoroughly that things come to be inseparable. Blend is also the mixture made v this act. Blend deserve to mean to harmonize or go well together. Blend has actually a couple of other senses as a verb and also noun.

When 2 or more things are blended together, they have actually been an unified so totally that that is impossible to different them ago out again. For example, friend blend cocoa powder through milk come make cacao milk. Turning that cacao milk ago into milk and also cocoa flour is no going come happen. This feeling of blend is a synonym of the word mix, although mix usually method to mix something specifically thoroughly.

Something, such together a specialized kitchen appliance, the blends things is called a blender.

Real-life examples: Smoothies room made by blending fruit with milk or yogurt. Various teas room blended with each other to make various flavors. The romantic comedy genre of movies blends the category of romance and comedy together.Used in a sentence: She do a delicious banana smoothie by blending milk through bananas. 

Blend is offered in this same sense a noun to refer to a mixture created by blending things together, accurate or figuratively.

Used in a sentence: The publication was one odd mix of horror and also history. 

Blend is likewise used as a verb to average to walk well together or harmonize. This feeling usually refers to colors, such together a environment-friendly chair blending through a eco-friendly wall. This sense is also commonly phrased as “blend in” such together a chameleon transforming brown come blend in through a tree or log. When related come harmony, blend frequently refers to just how voices and also instruments produce a merged tone.

Real-life examples: Usually, world like to gain furniture that blends, or has actually a similar color or pattern, v wallpaper or carpeting since it renders a room watch nicer. A human may like socks the blend through their pants. Most people try to blend in through the people around them quite than stick out and appear strange or different. A chorus practices difficult to ensure your voices blend well.

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Used in a sentence: We tried to uncover a couch the blends through the shade of our life room carpet.