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Regardless the what display (or movie) you spot Dylan and Cole Sprouse in in this days, pan will always connect them to their functions as troublemakers Zack and Cody in Disney Channel"s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. And that show absolutely wouldn"t have actually been finish without Zack"s girlfriend Max, played by Alyson Stoner. The display sadly concerned an finish 12 years ago, and the Sprouse twins and Stoner go on come pursue various other projects. If they room all liven bees and actively working in Hollywood, one can"t assist but wonder if the previous Disney Channel stars run right into each other from time come time. Space the Sprouse twins and Alyson Stoner quiet friends? Here"s the sitch.

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Just so friend know, Cole Sprouse and also Alyson Stoner in reality dated during their time ~ above the show. Stoner to reduce the surprising information on The Night Time Show podcast in December 2016. "The an initial boy, ns guess, the I had like a like on and dated was Cole Sprouse," she said, before revealing he dumped she on her birthday. "He just said, "It"s not going to occupational out,"" she said.

He to be 11 years old at the time, so Stoner didn"t organize it versus him. In October 2017, Stoner called Access Hollywood she was ready to see her previous co-stars (and ex) again. The interviewer asked Stoner if she"d it is in interested in appearing in a Suite Life reboot, to which she replied, "Yes, the course. I actually just saw Cole the various other day, therefore I"m choose halfway there."

Stoner, Cole, and a couple of other Disney Channel alums made their reunion windy on April 4, 2018. Stoner met up v Cole, Demi Lovato, The Suite Life on Deck"s Debby Ryan, and So Random!"s Matthew Scott Montgomery at Lemonade Mouth star Hayley Kiyoko"s Expectations album relax party.

Montgomery mutual the picture on his Instagram account.

Just six days later, Stoner spoke through Access about the epos reunion, revealing, at the time, she actually witnessed her old Disney Channel friends quite often.

"I see most of castle pretty often, therefore its nothing new for us, however to have us all in the same photo... Yes, i think world went nuts for an excellent reason. It"s perfect nostalgia," she said.

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After April 2018, there weren"t any much more public interactions between Stoner and also the Sprouse twins, and they don"t follow each various other on Instagram, one of two people — however that doesn"t mean they aren"t friends. Besides, if Stoner"s previous comment are any indication, they"re bound see each other from time come time in genuine life, for this reason there"s no need to record it ~ above the "Gram.