Medically the review by Deborah Weatherspoon, Ph.D., R.N., CRNA - (specialty in pain Management) — composed by Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA on April 16, 2020

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Innie or outie? How around neither?

There room lots of world who have actually surgery at birth or later on in life that mean they have no belly button at all.

If you’re among the few and proud that don’t have a ship button, you no alone.

Keep analysis to discover out just how belly buttons form, why you may not have a ship button, and also how you have the right to have surgical procedure to create one if you desire.

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The belly switch is the remnant of the body’s umbilical cord. One umbilical cord is an important to a baby’s development because it includes blood vessels that transmit oxygen-rich blood from mommy to baby and also deliver oxygen-poor blood ago to the mother.

When a baby is born, a human cuts the umbilical cord. The remaining section of the umbilical cord leaves a small “stump.”

In around 1 come 2 weeks after a infant is born, the umbilical cord stump drops off. Those left is the belly button. It’s essentially a scarred area that skin that still has actually blood flow and also some tendons associated to that — which may describe why the so perceptible if friend touch it.

Some world don’t have a ship button, and also the reason for this might be pertained to surgical background or just an anomaly in just how the belly button formed (or didn’t, for the matter).

Most that the time, if you don’t have a ship button, it’s regarded a surgery or a medical condition you had when you to be younger.

Conditions at birth the may cause you come not have actually a ship button

Here are examples of conditions you might have had at birth that might mean friend don’t have a ship button:

Bladder exstrophy. This is a rare condition. It can reason a person’s bladder to be exposed exterior the abdomen. This needs surgery because it affect a baby’s capability to save urine. Cloacal exstrophy.

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This is as soon as a baby’s bladder and also a part of their intestines don’t form properly and are present outside the body. This problem is really rare. It usually needs surgical repair.

Surgical procedures later on in life that might leave you without a belly button

Here are some instances of surgical procedures that may cause you to lose your ship button. In some cases, you’ll still have actually an indentation wherein the belly switch once was:

Laparotomy. A laparotomy is a surgical procedure that involves making an incision right into the ab wall. This procedure kind is often performed in an emergency setting when a surgeon to know something is wrong with the stomach yet is unsure of the basic cause.

Doctors have the right to perform a surgical procedure to produce a ship button. They contact this procedure neoumbilicoplasty.

A procedure to improve the figure of or rebuild the belly switch is one umbilicoplasty.

Some people choose to have actually a belly switch procedure after pregnancy, abdominal muscle surgery, or liposuction. This can readjust the illustration of your ship button, making it appear much more horizontal 보다 vertical.

Doctors deserve to take several ideologies to create a brand-new belly switch if girlfriend don’t have actually one. Many of this involve creating thin “flaps” that skin the are carried together by a suture or operation tie, i beg your pardon a physician sews come deeper great of skin well-known as the fascia. This can give the result that a person has actually a belly button.

Sometimes a doctor can do this procedure under neighborhood anesthesia. This way they’ll inject a numbing medicine in or roughly the belly switch area. Other times a surgeon may recommend basic anesthesia. You’re asleep and unaware during the procedure therefore you nothing feel any kind of pain.

The expense for a belly button creation or improvement surgery is usually about $2,000, reports Newsweek. This expense may vary based upon where you are and also how considerable the procedure is.

If friend don’t have actually a ship button however aren’t sure why, you might want come ask a parent or loved one around any medical conditions or surgery you had as a child. This could provide some clue as to why you may not have a belly button.

If you’ve had surgery later in life and don’t have a belly button yet want one, you can talk to her doctor around how to develop one via a cosmetic procedure.


Medically the review by Deborah Weatherspoon, Ph.D., R.N., CRNA - (specialty in ache Management) — created by Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA ~ above April 16, 2020