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melanin, Melanion, Melanippus, melanism, melanite, melano-, melanoameloblastoma, melanoblast, melanoblastoma, melanocarcinoma, Melanochroi

Melano- is a combining kind used prefer a prefix meaning “black, dark-colored.” In biology and also medicine, melano- is specifically offered to describe melanin, “any of a course of insoluble pigments, uncovered in all creates of pet life, that account for the dark shade of skin, hair, fur, scales, feathers, etc.”

Melano- originates from the Greek mélās, definition “black.” words melancholy is also derived in component from this root.

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What does the Greek word because that black have to do v a gloomy state that mind? find the link at our entry and video for melancholy.

What room variants of melano-?

When linked with words or word facets that start with a vowel, melano- i do not care melan-, together in melanin.

Examples that melano-

One clinical term that supplies the combining form melano- is melanoglossia, a problem known as “black tongue” and caused through a buildup that such points as dead cells and bacteria on the tongue. (Brush your teeth!)

The start of the word, melano-, means “black,” together we’ve seen. The second part of the word, –glossia, comes from the Greek glôssa, an interpretation “tongue.” Melanoglossia literally translates to “black tongue.” Learn more about –glossia at our entry for glossa.

What are some words that usage the combining type melano-?

What room some other creates that melano- may be typically confused with?

Break that down!

Melanoblastoma is a form of skin tumor. Based on the an interpretation of melano-, would certainly you suppose a melanoblastoma come be light or dark in color?

How to use melano- in a sentence

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British lifwynnfoundation.org definitions for melano-


before a collection melan-

combining form
black or darkmelanin; melanism; melanocyte; melanoma

Word origin for melano-

from Greek melas black

Medical interpretations for melano-


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Black; dark:melanin.


columbariumnoun | SEE DEFINITION
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