The cardiac cycle describes the alternate contraction and also relaxation that the myocardium in the wall surfaces of the heart chambers, coordinated by the conduction system, throughout one heartbeat. Systole is the contraction phase of the cardiac cycle, and also diastole is the relaxation phase.

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What are 4 separate congenital heart defects?

A Chabner 11

Click-murmur syndromemitral valve prolapse
Four different congenital heart defectstetralogy that Fallot
Patent meansopen
The reason of crucial hypertension isidiopathic

What is the sac favor membrane neighboring the heart?

A double-layered membrane referred to as the pericardium surrounds her heart like a sac. The external layer of the pericardium surrounding the root of your heart’s significant blood vessels and also is enclosed by ligaments to her spinal column, diaphragm, and also other parts of your body.

What is the clinical term because that pertaining to the heart?

Cardiac – Pertaining come the heart. Cardiac arrest – The avoiding of the heartbeat, usually because of interference through the electrical signal (often linked with coronary love disease). Cardiac cachexia – A term because that the muscle and weight loss brought about by severe heart disease.

What word is offered to refer to the heart and its tissue?

cardiovascular system: The heart and also circulatory device (also called the cardiovascular system) comprise the network the delivers blood come the body’s tissues. V each heartbeat, blood is sent out throughout our bodies, delivering oxygen and also nutrients to all of our cells.

What term defines a fat deposit on one artery wall?

the term explains a fatty deposit on one artery wall. Plaque.

What sort of diagnosis is known as a ascendancy Out?

This term describes the clinical diagnostic procedure of eliminating feasible illnesses or reasons one in ~ a time through revealing clinical details from history, check or testing that is not consistent with the diagnosis being ruled out.

What is the clinical term for process of record blood vessels?

angiogram. Procedure of recording blood vessels.

What is the clinical term that means tumor composed of lymph vessels?


What is the process of recording a photo of blood vessels?

A an approach of making video images of blood vessels is sonography. A Doppler ultrasound is is a method for imaging blood flow through the heart and also blood ship to look for plaques and also constrictions in the vessels, love valve defects, and other abnormalities.

What is hardening that the arteries called?

Atherosclerosis, sometimes called “hardening that the arteries,” occurs when fat, cholesterol, and other substances construct up in the walls of arteries.

Which term means fast heartbeat?


What is the record produced by ultrasonography the the heart?

Medical terminology – Radiology

A record produced by ultrasonography is called:sonogram
The process of cutting throughout and creating images of solitary tissue planes is:tomography
A unit of radioactivity is known as:curie
A motion picture record of successive x-rays is called:cineradiography

What is the term because that inflammation of the sac the encloses the heart?

Pericarditis refers to inflammation that the pericardium, two thin class of a sac-like tissue that surround the heart, hold it in ar and aid it work. A little amount of fluid keeps the layers separate so that there’s no friction between them.

When a patient’s therapy is administered via the bloodstream it is called?


When a patient’s treatment is administered via the bloodstream that is called:unsealed radiation therapy
A tumor written of star-shaped neuroglial cells is called:astrocytoma
When common cells become malignant the is well-known as:dedifferentiation

What is the medical term for surgical puncture come remove liquid from the chest?

Thoracentesis way surgical puncture the chest to eliminate fluid; thoracocentesis .

What is the occupational disease caused by inhalation of black dust called?

Silicosis is a lung condition caused through inhaling totally free crystalline silica, a dust discovered in the waiting of mines, foundries, blasting operations, and stone, clay, and also glass production facilities.

Which diagnostic procedure actions the oxygen level in the blood?

Pulse oximetry

Do lungs eliminate water?

Thoracentesis is a procedure in which a needle is inserted into the pleural room between the lungs and the chest wall. This procedure is excellent to eliminate excess fluid, recognized as a pleural effusion, indigenous the pleural an are to help you breath easier.

What does an air bag in the lungs mean?

A pneumothorax (noo-moe-THOR-aks) is a collapsed lung. A pneumothorax occurs as soon as air leaks right into the an are between your lung and chest wall. This wait pushes top top the exterior of your lung and also makes the collapse. Pneumothorax deserve to be a complete lung please or a collapse of just a section of the lung.

How execute I recognize if I have actually an wait leak in mine chest tube?

Assess because that air leaks at least once per transition and together needed, based upon your patient’s respiratory status. Start by assessing the air-leak detection room in the water seal that the drainage device. An wait leak gift as small air bubbles; the lot of bubbling shows the level of the leak.

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What reasons air leak in lung?

Pulmonary waiting leaks happen when there is uneven alveolar ventilation, air trapping and high transpulmonary push swings. In the immature lung, the pores that Kohn room reduced and also thus uneven ventilation is compounded through a absence of redistribution of pressure through the alveolar connecting channels.