The difference between ATP and ADP is primarily because of the three factors like their energy state, the variety of phosphate groups and also the hydrolysis process. ATP is comparatively a high power molecule than the ADP.

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There space three phosphate groups in ATP, while two in ADP. A cell needs power to perform different tasks, for which that hydrolyzes ATP into ADP and also later into AMP. Both ATP and ADP molecules are the 2 universal power sources, which mediate various organic or to move functions.

This short article describes the definition, structure and also concept that ATP and also ADP, along with the to compare chart. In addition, the vital differences and also similarities in between the two have additionally been explained.

Content: ATP Vs ADP

Comparison Chart

Full formAdenosine tri-phosphateAdenosine di-phosphate
Common nameAdenosine 5’-triphosphateAdenosine 5’-diphosphate
Alternative nameIt has actually no such different namesAdenosine pyrophosphate
Molecular formulaC10H16N5O13P3C10H15N5O10P2
Molar mass507.18 g/mol427.2 g/mol
FormulationSolidCrystalline solid
Number that phosphate groupsThreeTwo
Form ofPotential energyKinetic energy
Energy stateHigherComparatively lower
StabilityRelatively unstableComparatively stable
Hydrolytic reactionThe reaction of ATP through water reasons the formation of ADP and release of power by the removed of one phosphate groupThe reaction that ADP through water reasons the formation of AMP and release of power by the removed of one much more phosphate group
Conversion reactionEndergonic reaction Exergonic reaction
FunctionsHelps in energetic transport, structure of molecules, cellular attributes like muscle activity etc.Helps in catabolism reactions, in the activation of platelets etc.

Definition of ATP

ATP is an acronym for the ax Adenosine tri-phosphate, which merely refers come the high power organic biomolecule the drives many biological processes through donating the high power phosphate molecule. The framework of adenosine tri-phosphate includes three distinctive groups:

Adenine (nucleotide base)Ribose (pentose sugar)Triphosphate (phosphoryl group)

The energetic form of adenosine tri-phosphate consists of a combination of ATP molecules v Mg2+ or Mn2+ ions. The serves as the energy source necessary for all the life forms, i beg your pardon fuels various cells come promote particular functions. ATP mediates intracellular power transfer.

Definition the ADP

ADP is an acronym because that Adenosine di-phosphate, which just refers to the comparatively low energy organic biomolecule the mediates power flow by donating that high power phosphate molecule. The structure of adenosene di-phosphate has three distinct groups:

Adenine (nucleotide base)Ribose (pentose sugar)Diphosphate (phosphoryl group).

ADP also mediates the intracellular energy flow. The is likewise known as adenosine pyrophosphate. ADP refers to the product created by the ATP dephosphorylation via an ATP synthase.

Structure of adenosine triphosphateAdenine: it is the nitrogenous base, whose ninth nitrogen atom attaches through the first carbon atom of the ribose sugar.Ribose sugar: it is the pentose sugar, located intermediary in between the adenine and phosphoryl group.Phosphate: The phosphoryl team associates through the 5th carbon atom the the ribose sugar. They are three in number and also comprises α, β and γ terminal phosphates linked via phosphodiester bond, followed by 2 phosphoanhydride bonds.


Structure of adenosine diphosphateAdenine: that is the nitrogenous base, whose 9th nitrogen atom is attached v the first carbon atom the the ribose sugar.Ribose sugar: that is the pentose sugar discovered intermediary between the adenine and also phosphoryl group.Phosphate: The phosphoryl group is joined to the 5th carbon atom that the ribose sugar. They are two in number (comprises just α and β phosphate groups) attached via phosphodiester bond, complied with by one phosphoanhydride bond.


We might understand the concept of ATP and also ADP by taking the following references:

Consider ATP together a fully charged battery. As soon as the strength of the battery reduces, it suggests the ns of energy. Hence, the reduced kind of energy or partly charged battery will be thought about as ADP.If we have to buy a product, we have to need a resource of capital or cash. Similarly, a cell need to need a particular resource of energy to perform details tasks. Take into consideration ATP together a financial institution check. To acquisition a product, we require to transform the examine amount into cash. Therefore, a cell also converts ATP right into ADP and also energy to do miscellaneous cellular functions.

Key Differences between ATP and also ADP

The molecule formula that ATP is C10H16N5O13P3. Hydrolysis reasons the remove of one hydrogen, 2 oxygen and also one phosphate group from the ATP, and also the molecule formula the ADP i do not care C10H15N5O10P2.One of the usual distinguishing features in between ATP and also ADP is the variety of phosphate groups present. There are three phosphate teams in ATP and two in ADP.ATP can be thought about the potential energy, which is basically the stored energy used by a cabinet to do specific tasks. ADP can be thought about kinetic energy, i beg your pardon is essential for the flow of energy.The hydrolysis that ATP and ADP reasons the development of ADP and AMP, respectively. It outcomes in a relax of free energy after the remove of one phosphate group.The procedure of ATP formation from ADP is an endergonic reaction (consumes energy), conversely, ADP development from ATP is an exergonic reaction (dissipates energy).Functions that ATP promotes active transport, the structure of molecules, cellular functions like muscle movement, if ADP help in catabolic reactions, activation the platelets etc.


Despite numerous differences, they additionally share some typical features:

Both ATP and ADP space the power molecules that have the right to drive to move functions.Their structures are common in having an adenin base, a ribose sugar and also a phosphate group.Both are constantly interconverted and also regenerated inside a body.

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We deserve to conclude that a cell needs both adenosene triphosphate and also adenosine diphosphate as a resource of power to drive numerous cellular features like respiration, digestion, muscle activity etc. ATPase enzymatic activity causes a continuous interconversion of ATP, and also cellular respiration aids in a continuous regeneration the ATP come fulfil the energy requirements of the living cells.