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Verse > Anthologies > louis Untermeyer, ed. > modern-day American Poetry
Louis Untermeyer, ed. (1885–1977). Modern-day American Poetry.  1919.

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Eugene Field. 1850–1895
5. Little boy Blue
THE tiny toy dog is extended with dust, 
    But sturdy and staunch that stands; 
The little toy soldier is red through rust, 
    And his musket moulds in his hands. 
Time was once the little toy dog was new,         5
    And the soldier to be passing fair; 
And the was the time as soon as our little Boy Blue 
    Kissed them and also put castle there.

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"Now don't you go till ns come," the said, 
    "And don't you make any noise!"  10
So, toddling turn off to his trundle bed, 
    He dreamt that the quite toys; 
And, together he to be dreaming, an angel song 
    Awakened our tiny Boy Blue— 
Oh! the years space many, the years are long,  15
    But the little toy friends space true! 
Ay, faithful to small Boy Blue they stand, 
    Each in the very same old place, 
Awaiting the touch the a little hand, 
    The laugh of a little face;  20
And they wonder, as waiting the lengthy years through 
    In the dust that that tiny chair, 
What has end up being of our little Boy Blue, 
    Since he kissed them and put lock there. 
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