ns was taught that if you desire to adjust the direction the a three phase rotating an equipment that is rotating in front direction, friend interchange the phases. Due to the fact that the phases has the same features (voltage and current), what is responsible for making the device to rotate in turning back direction, when the phases room interchanged?


The windings in a 3 step motor, as soon as activated by a 3 phase supply develop a rotating magnetic field in the rotor area that the motor. Swapping step A with phase B re-orders the fluxes so the the flux rotates in opposing direction. Swapping B through C does precisely the exact same thing as does swapping A through C. Think the it like a triangle with corners called A, B and also C. If you swap any two corners and follow the points A, B and also C you"ll go in anopposite direction. Swap two much more corners and also you"re back to the initial rotation.

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This is what that looks like. The black arrowhead is the flux produced by the three phase windings: -


Clearly, if yellow phase were swapped through blue phase the rotation would certainly be opposite.


Each phase has actually the very same voltage in a sinewave, however 120 degrees out that phase. The inquiry then becomes which phase leader the other. This is what determines the direction the the motor.


The phases have a phase change of 120 degress - dubbed electrical step angle, at the same time the windings ~ above the engine are also shifted by 120 deg - mechanical angle. In a together way, once the existing passes trough windings the rotating magnetic ar is formed, i beg your pardon is the sum of all three vectors. This is the principle of induction motor that Nikola Tesla do 130 yrs ago.

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If you merely swap two wires, the magnetic fieled alters the direction that rotation.


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