On some symbols I am seeing a two blue arrows in ~ the height the best pointing towards each other. I an initial noticed it on the symbols on folders which i archived which taken place randomly. I archived the folder and also the text went blue together expected, then once I visited the folder again the message was black and also the folder icon has actually these arrows. When I just recently mounted Office 2007, ns noticed the same arrows top top the symbols for the programs.

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OS: home windows 10 agree 64-bit (the recent update: 1115)Application: Microsoft Office 2007 suite and file explorer

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i archived the folder and the text went blue together expected...

Blue text in traveler = NTFS compression is enabled via the nature (this has actually been conventional in home windows for countless versions now).


Two blue arrows is windows 10"s new method of mirroring the very same thing, at the icon-level.


Reference/More info:


When I simply recently installed Office 2007, i noticed the exact same arrows top top the symbols for the programs.

That"s type of weird, and also is may be simply a matter of symbol cache corruption.

For that, here"s a pair things come try:

Ensure the EXEs space not in reality compressed.

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Try creating new shortcuts come the EXEs and also see if they show up as expected.

Try clearing Windows" icon cache and see if that corrects the icons. For that, view this currently SU question: Refresh icon Cache without Rebooting

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To intricate on the potential root cause, this will certainly occur an ext often on home windows 10 systems that room running reasonably low on totally free disk space. The windows Update process will instantly compress files and folders to ensure that crucial operating device patches will install successfully:

Compressing files

To help totally free up disc space, this update might compress papers in her user profile catalog so that windows Update have the right to install crucial updates. When documents or folders room compressed, they show up as having actually two blue arrows overlaid ~ above the icon. Relying on your record Explorer settings, you might see symbols that look bigger or smaller. The following screen shot shows an example of these icons.


After you install the update, your files are restored to their original state, and also the blue arrows disappear native the paper icons in paper Explorer. At any suggest during the update process, you should be maybe to access your files.

Sources:Windows upgrade - KB4023057 release NotesMicrosoft make the efforts to press KB4023057 again to user systems