It never seems favor a an excellent idea to simply put your grandfather clock out on the curb.

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Chances room your clock has some value linked with it and also quite a little of history to tell.

If you have a grandfather clock and also want to ensure that you can obtain some money because that it once you market it, then it payment to keep on reading.

Grandfather clocks have distinct features and also functionality, and there room some crucial things the you should know before you market yours.

Here is just how to tell exactly how much your grandfather clock is worth.

How lot Is My grand Clock Worth? (How come Value)


Several determinants will assist increase or decrease the worth of your grand clock.

The original price the you payment for her clock may have nothing to carry out with the resale value.

Keep this in mind together you don’t desire to think the this quite prefer a job to recuperate your money.

Chances are, if friend purchased a high-quality clock and spent part time keeping it through the years, you may get an ext than friend paid because that it.

Expect the your grand clock could be worth almost everywhere from $200 come $20,000 depending on the features and the problem of the clock.

If you are willing to market an neck clock and also be fair about the overall pricing, possibilities are you will make rather a little bit of money off of it.

These determinants are the most crucial to take into consideration when trying to come up with a value for your clock.

1. Skilled Opinion


It have the right to be challenging to find precise value because that every clock.

Although there is info out there about previous sales and records, over there is absolutely no guidebook top top every solitary clock.

In addition, the clock is only worth what someone will certainly pay because that it.

If your clock is antique and also impressive and in perfect condition, it could be worth $20,000 or more.

However, at the time that friend are ready to sell, there may be no buyers easily accessible in this price range.

Selling the grandfather clock will take strategic pricing and also the aid of a professional.

You may need to wait number of months to offer a clock favor this, yet a experienced can tell friend what is worth waiting for and when you should just sell.

Although expert opinions and services are going to affect the overall profit that you do on your grand clock, it will be well worth it.

Most world find lock were about to underestimate or overestimate the marketing price that their grand clock, and this process makes much more sense, also if that comes with a cost.

2. Condition


If your grandfather clock still works, friend will definitely get quite a bit more money for it 보다 if it has actually not been able to keep time for years.

The condition of the clock goes beyond just its usability but also includes the in its entirety condition and also look that the clock.

Those who space looking to acquire premium pricing because that their grand clock will have to look right into the investors and serious clock buyers.

These are the human being who have the many money come pay and are walking to be interested in a really great quality grandfather clock.

The trouble with these buyers is the they are additionally going to it is in incredibly specific about what lock purchase.

Therefore, it will make feeling that if her clock is no much longer functioning, you space not walk to get a very good price because that the piece once it sells.

You should ensure the the clock has been preserved in proper condition to gain the many money for it.

Sometimes the clock will need servicing and attention, and also these space things that will be worth paying because that if it way you deserve to sell her clock for quite a bit more.

The condition of the clock will additionally refer come the outside finish.

If the clock has remained in your front window for the critical ten years and the wood has actually started come fade, or the number on the challenge of the clock space no longer visible, the will influence the price together well.

Overall, if friend want optimal dollar for your clock, it demands to it is in in premium condition.

This is walking to quickly take some civilization out of the grandfather clock marketing game.

Sometimes you will find out that you just don’t have actually the attributes left in her clock to still be able to sell the for peak dollar.

If this is the case, shot to discover a local human who likes the style and also design the the clock and also will at least offer you part money for it.

Again, the condition is going come be one of the most an important factors in valuing the close.

3. Age


Grandfather clocks have actually been approximately for a really long time.

The antique grandfather clocks are really expensive and also can sell for fairly a bit of money.

The enlarge a grandfather clock is, the much more money girlfriend will have the ability to get for it.

You will need to do some investigative work if girlfriend don’t have a suitable feel for the present age of your clock.

Typically speaking, there will be a sticker of part kind situated somewhere on the clock the will provide you the date that it to be manufactured.

For most clocks, this is going to also have the name of the clockmaker.

If girlfriend can’t find the period of your grandfather clock, that is ideal not to guess.

If friend guess wrong, you could end up selling your grandfather clock for fairly a bit much less money 보다 it is worth.

Some grandfather clock owner wonder whether or no something is antique or if it is just vintage.

This have the right to be a tough difference to make.

The vintage items have tendency to be much more than 50 yet less than 100 years old.

The antique clocks space typically an ext than 100 years old.

At this point, if you had a clock that was manufactured before 1920, you would certainly be in possession of an antique.

Antiques room going come appeal come a more comprehensive range of grandfather clock investors that are likely to offer you an ext money for her clock.

It renders sense to organize on come your grand clock because that a if so that you deserve to sell it as an antique.

In the end, if you room not certain if friend are managing an neck or merely an old clock, make sure you have actually it evaluated by a professional.

Some an extremely rare and old grandfather clocks deserve to sell for 10s of thousands of dollars.

Although most people would be thrilled to get $100 because that their grandfather clock, if the is old enough, friend will have actually quite a an excellent chance to obtain more.

4. Maker


A true grand clock was most likely made through a talented skilled who understands the complexity and the industry.

Of course, there room cheaper imitation grandfather clocks, but the people with greater levels that craftsmanship space going to market for fairly a bit more money.

Overall, the maker of your grand clock could assist to recognize the value that you space going to obtain for it.

The most important aspect of the craftsmanship is the usability of the clock but also the materials that were used.

The products in the long-case clocks space typically an extremely high in top quality as they were intended to be passed under from one generation come the next.

The much more famous a grand clock manufacturer is, the an ext money girlfriend will obtain for the clock.

The surname of the grand clock brands may not it is in something that you are familiar with.

Many of these clockmakers may no much longer be in business, yet this can actually aid to make your grandfather clock worth fairly a little more.

Some names have actually been well-known through the years together being the ideal clock manufacturers around.

If you uncover that your grandfather’s clock is made by Franz Hermle, Ridgeway, or Howard Miller, possibilities are the clock will be worth an ext money.

The Franz Hermle brand has been approximately for an ext than 100 years, and it is known for having some the the finest quality in the world of grandfather clocks.

Each manufacturer is going come have various valuations, especially considering the number of clocks the were made.

For mass-produced grandfather clocks, the lot of money friend can obtain will most likely be lower.

Remember that determining how rare your grandfather clock is will aid you to see just how much that is going to it is in worth.

The rarer that is, the much more you will gain for it, especially if it originates from a top quality brand name.

When you are looking at her clock to determine who the machine is, pay very close fist to the logo or symbol that stays on the clock.

The much more of this the is intact, the far better your possibilities are of retaining a an excellent deal that money ~ above the clock.

Although experts can frequently determine who the an equipment of the clock is, the value is considerably greater when the symbol is still in place.

5. Aesthetics


There are two determinants to think about when it concerns the aesthetics that the clock.

The first is the condition of the clock and the overall appearance due to the fact that of the method it to be maintained.

The 2nd is the form of grand clock that you room dealing with.

For instance, some clocks will have lots that details, and others will be rather plain.

The very first issue below is the illustration of the clock.

Over time, if the clock was no made from the highest possible quality materials, you may see that there are some locations that have warped or started to split.

In addition, if you have actually moved your grandfather clock indigenous one location to another, there could be concerns where over there is a scratch on the clock itself.

These blemishes are all going to decrease the price the you will gain for her clock.

Moving on come the details and also the in its entirety look the the clock, it is obviously essential that you own a nice-looking grand clock.

Some clocks stand out together beautiful pieces, and others won’t have much that they really market to the potential buyer.

The form of wood that her clock is make from is going to influence the value.

If a clock is made through a high-quality oak, that is developed to last because that a really long time, and therefore, you will watch the worth on a clock like this increase considerably.

In addition, the oak is resistant to countless of the issues that wood pieces will attend to over time.

The reality that this is the situation will average that once you market the clock, the new buyers will certainly have full confidence in the fact that the clock is walking to last them because that many much more years come come.

Some clocks will certainly have included components come them.

These components will also affect the value.

Some will have actually a photo inscribed top top the challenge of the clock or extra carving done approximately the outer edges of the wood.

If you have something unique and also special on your clock, make certain that this is taken into consideration in the valuation of the clock.

6. Mechanical Complexity


The main reason that a grandfather clock stands the end is the means that the is mechanically sound and works as it should.

The mechanical complexity of your grandfather clock will have actually an impact on the money that you receive as soon as you market your clock.

The first thing to save in mind here is the a grand clock is intended to store time.

If the clock walk a great job of maintaining time, you are on the best track.

However, if you find that you have to reset the clock every two weeks or so since the time is a good ten or fifteen minutes off, possibilities are there room some concerns with the clock.

The grand clock should have actually the ability to keep perfect time and stay on track.

If that does not, you may need to consider hiring a experienced to come in and also get the clock back in working order before you try to sell the clock.

If girlfriend are searching for the mechanical components that space most essential for resale, here are a few that you have to consider.

7. Movement


Many grandfather clocks allow you to watch the operation of the clock as it is working.

If not, there is commonly a panel that have the right to be removed that enables you to watch the clock’s inner workings.

The movement of the gears and plates should be to work without any kind of harsh motions or errors.

8. Pendulum


The most important component of the grandfather clock is most likely the brass or steel pendulum.

The pendulum need to be moving in a very consistent activity as this is what will identify the time the is maintained by the clock.

If the pendulum looks together though it does not relocate properly, this is most likely what is leading to your issues.

9. Dials


The dials of the clock are additionally important.

This part is located an ext on the face of the clock as opposed to in the train or mechanical section.

The dials will certainly be made up of a few different parts, consisting of the winding holes and the dial arch.

You will have to inspect both political parties of the dials on the confront to see what can be resulting in a potential issue.

The inner functions of a grand clock are fairly a bit much more mechanically complicated than these few issues.

However, if friend can’t gain your clock to work-related or to save time properly, it is precious trying to obtain to the source of the issue.

If friend can get it up and running, her resale worth will boost considerably.

How Much deserve to A grand Clock sell For?


A grand clock can sell for everywhere from $200 to much more than $20,000.

This is what renders valuing a grand clock for this reason difficult.

As you can see native the long list of components that enter the pricing, over there is quite a bit to take into consideration when comes up with a value for a clock.

This is why we very recommend working with a clock dealer when it come time to sell your clock.

Chances room there are things around the clock that you very own that friend don’t fully understand and therefore can’t portray or convince one more individual to the effectiveness.

A grand clock valuation can price some money, yet most clockmakers or manufacturers will tell you appropriate away even if it is or not it is worth it.

If you have actually a mass-produced grandfather clock the is likely only worth a couple of hundred dollars, the valuation may not also be done for you.

However, most clockmakers will be able to tell best away if the clock is going to it is in in the $10,0000 to $20,000 range.

Many people have emotional relations to their grand clock.

It may have been in the home of your grandfather, and now you room looking to sell the clock.

This is typical to have emotions tied come something that has been passed down v the family.

However, you can not let these feelings gain tied up in the sale.

Remember that the buyer will certainly not have actually these emotionally connections, and also they will just be looking to do a company transaction.

Another worry that countless clock owner run into is the they very own a reproduction the a an extremely high-end clock in their home.

There room certainly an ext reproductions on the market than there are originals, and it will certainly take a expert to scope the end the small differences.

For this reason, it is a good idea not to acquire too excited around the quantity of money your clock may be worth till you go through a skilled valuation.

Remember that a grand clock is additionally going to it is in quite difficult to move.

These clocks space heavy, and they room fragile.

If friend are having a difficult time obtaining your grandfather clock in for a valuation, numerous services will involved your home and give girlfriend an idea that what it is worth.

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In addition, if you occupational with a skilled clockmaker ~ above the sales process of her clock, castle will frequently arrange for deliver of the clock as soon as it has been sold.