Cullen and also Durant fulfill with President give to discuss the future that the railroad; the Swede puts his plan versus the Mormons in action.

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I really didn"t offer a damn around all the talk around the railway. I realize the the show is called "Hell on Wheels" but I to be bored.


The Swede walk after the hatch family, v Cullen chasing him. Yawn. Brigham Young gets stabbed by doofus son. Yawn.


Too negative for the prostitute, she pushed Eva as well far. Eva is one stone cold bitch though. I think Mickey could kill her if Dead Rabbit guy doesn"t get to her first.


So, seven an ext episodes that this torture and also then it"s ultimately over. 

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The railroad talk was amazing only in the it was sort of funny watching every the players taking measure of one one more as they tried to the end bullshit each other. True to form, Cullen wouldn"t play ball with any of them and also left them all hanging.

I still have actually no idea what the Swede"s long game with the Mormons was an alleged to be and don"t care. I"m bored that the yearlong cliffhanger is a gyeongju to snitty Mormon wife but was mildly enjoy it by the Swede"s quiet hasty retreat as soon as the blood started flying.

Eva appears to it is in whoever the display needs she to it is in in any given season. This season it"s an unsympathetic hardass.

I was mildly amused as soon as the Swede hightailed it out of there on the horse. At least he claimed goodbye come the dog.


As much as the critical episodes, I"m suspect (hoping) they"ll go earlier to Psalms & Co. And perhaps Stagecoach mary in at least one episode.

The railroad talk was amazing only in the it was kind of fun watching all the players taking measure that one an additional as castle tried to out bullshit every other. True to form, Cullen wouldn"t play ball with any type of of them and left them every hanging.

I still have no idea what the Swede"s long game with the Mormons was claimed to be and don"t care. I"m boring that the yearlong cliffhanger is a race to snitty Mormon wife however was mildly enjoy it by the Swede"s quietly hasty retreat when the blood started flying.

Eva seems to be whoever the show needs her to it is in in any type of given season. This season it"s an discontent hardass.

I agree the the writing for Eva has been rather uneven, however I still find her sympathetic. She walk not have a lot of alternatives especially with the face tat, and also that scarred she both inside and also out. I carry out agree, though, that frontier madam is type of a lazy an option for the authors to have actually made, especially when Eva had displayed some aptitude for medication in vault seasons, and in this one, through Louise.

The Swede is even more of a cartoon villain as we head toward the finale! I will certainly laugh mine head off if the final scene that the series is Cullen driving a train right into the Swede, fading out on his "Oh, SH*T!" face!

I pretty much ignored the entire finale although ns was sit 5 ft. From the TV. It was so boring i couldn"t also invest a small bit in it. I just didn"t care. I DVR"ed the critical episode for good measure (in case I wanted to re clock it) however just turned off the whole thing right after the episode ended. No thanks. This has to be one of the many anti-climactic finale reflects in the history of TV. What did I just watch? 

I didn"t think Eva was unsympathetic. She"s simply trying to survive, and also this is the hand she was dealt. I believed the gun belt to be overly dramatic. I did choose "we require a brand-new redhead."


The rest of it to be silly. They have the right to argue all they want about the final meeting point, but history already tells united state it to be Promontory.


Brigham Young increasing from the dead was a little bit much.

Hopefully over there is an ext of Meis storyline yet to come. The may however take a bit of a backseat now that Cullen shows up to have found his family. She future is uncertain at best now the she is alone. No anticipating a happy finishing where she is concerned.

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Well, maybe if we"re lucky, the Swede will certainly kill the Snitty Mormon Wife, so Cullen and also Mei deserve to raise the baby together. 


The only thing I"m remotely interested in is how the Swede dies. It better be good. 

I didn"t realize it to be the mid season finale...for some reason I believed there to be 8 episodes!

Eva got even harder after Elam died. I think she has sustained so lot that she has actually hardened her heart. Ns did love her deciding come take the end the stealing whore. Gonna need a new redhead all right!

I quiet love the show, and also I was among the ones that was never ever going to watch again ~ Lily died. Ns am surprised that plenty of of you space considering watching torture or boring...why would you desire to continue watching? just curious.

Once I"m invested in a show, I favor to watch to the bitterness end. The truth that I remember to clock every week speak me I"m invest (you"d it is in surprised how countless shows ns forget are even on). 

Speaking of...didn"t she build into a gambling agree last season? What came to be of that? Why is she future so uncertain if she can win in ~ cards ?(as unlikely together it is the she was able to end up being such a agree in such a short time).


How dumb is that prostitute? Isn"t the money generally down her cleavage, in she boot, or hidden in the bed? Dude, go outside and also bury the somewhere.

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I had a quick thought about googling just how Brigham Young really died after his child stabbed him. However ...naturally he have the right to survive multiple stab wounds (to the abdomen! through the knife twisted in there because that effect!) and also is in such great shape that he deserve to wrestle and also overpower his son. Sure. Whatever. 


So happy the Swede didn"t snap the dog"s neck prior to he left. Would be completely in character because that him.


Fingers crossed for resolution to the Swede"s storyline next week. It"s past time, really.