The king that Rock and Roll Elvis Presley to be born ago in January 8, 1935. His mommy Gladys Presley offered birth to 2 twin sons: Jesse Garon and Elvis Aaron (Elvis Presley) in a two-room shotgun house that his father constructed for the occasion in Tupelo Mississippi. Unfortunately, Jesse Garon was born dead. The biographer Peter Guralnick shown that Elvis’s the same twin brother was born 35 minutes before him. He was later hidden in a shoebox in an unmarked grave in Princeville Cemetery.

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Elvis Presley suffered because of the death of his the same twin

After this traumatic birth, Gladys to be unable to conceive and also have children. The King suffered throughout his life as result of this tragedy. Researchs has presented that twins have actually a bond in ~ the womb that is irreplaceable as soon as a pair dies.

The continues to be of Jesse Garon were never ever transferred come Memphis. Come this day, that is still buried in an there was no sign grave in Tupelo. Over there is a headstone in his respect in Graceland. But is not inserted beside his father, mother, brother and grandmother.


This reality made pan think what if Jesse had survived? Elvis would have actually been the same? He would live being compared with his brothers Elvis? Or they might even had made music together?

Clinical psychologist Peter Whitmer talked about Elvis’ partnership with his brother in his publication The inside Elvis, saying:

“Elvis’s twin’s fatality at birth to be a tragedy that triggered a procedure that made his dead sibling the bedrock. The singular driving force in his life (…) restless soul who ultimately haunted all of Presley’s relationships.”

Whitmer claimed that the musician would visit the grave periodically to speak to him. Other biographers have proclaimed that that felt lonely and also guilty for the death of his brother.

Elvis Presley death

The King died on august 16, 1977, in the restroom of the Graceland mansion. His heart stopped beating. The singer was discovered by his bride Ginger Alden, in former of the toilet, through belly down and also pants lowered.

The official cause was cardiac arrhythmia. Top top the other hand, the Presley household had a history of coronary love disease. After that, in ~ his autopsy, 15 various drugs were found in his body. 10 the which were in danger amounts. Ten times the therapeutic lot of the anesthetic codeine (based on morphine). When the paramedics arrived, the body was already transforming blue and cold. A resuscitation was attempted unsuccessfully.

The funeral was held at Graceland on Thursday, august 18. Thousands of world gathered external Graceland to watch the open casket. Among Presley’s cousins, Billy Mann, welcomed $18,000 come secretly photo the corpse. The snapshot appeared on the sheathe of the national Enquirer’s biggest-selling worry ever. Alden win a $105,000 resolve the Enquirer for her story. But settled for less when she damaged her exclusivity agreement. Presley left she nothing in his will.

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About 80,000 civilization lined the processional route to forest Hill Cemetery. Where he was hidden next to his mother. In ~ a few weeks, “Way Down” topped the country and UK popular music charts. In so late August someone tried to steal Presley’s body. ~ that, the stays of both Presley and his mother were reburied in Graceland’s Meditation Garden.