MICHAEL JACKSON made a cameo figure in males In black color 2 after he referred to as the film"s director and also told him exactly how the an initial film made him "weep" while that watched it.

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Michael Jackson showed up in men In black color 2 (Image: GETTY • SONY)


Michael Jackson play Agent M in males in black color 2 (Image: SONY)

Over a year into filming men In black II, Sonnenfeld obtained a message from Jackson speak he “really want to it is in in the movie”.

The manager said: “I had actually a lover lifwynnfoundation.orgnversation with Michael in which he told me he had seen the very first Men In black color in Paris and had stayed once all the other civilization left the theatre and sat there and wept.

“I had actually to describe to him that it was a lifwynnfoundation.orgmedy.”

Sonnenfeld climate revealed just how Jackson didn’t care what the did in the film, the just had actually one very specific request.

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Michael Jackson: males in black 2 starred will Smith and Tommy Lee jones (Image: SONY)

Sonnenfeld said: “Jackson claimed he would love to be in guys In black color II attract the black color suit, all that mattered to him was the he wore that black color suit. That was really funny and also it was completely Michael"s idea."

Jackson’s scene shows him working in Antarctica through a swarm of penguins.

Agent Zed (played by Rip Torn) dismissed the character as soon as he proposed the he lifwynnfoundation.orguld join the guys in Black firm as certified dealer M.

Men In black color II to be the only example of Jackson appearing in a film in a cameo role.

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The science-fiction movie was a smash hit that made $441 million at the box office.

Men In black color II remained at the top spot of package office for 2 weeks running, and was even nominated for a intuitive Effects society award for “Best Visual effects in a Visual effects Driven motion Picture”.

Working on men In black II was no Jackson’s just lifwynnfoundation.orgnnection come Hollywood. The star had a an individual relationship v Hulk gibbs Lou Ferrigno Snr.

The planet Song singer also made prank call calls come the former Marvel star, as revealed by Ferrigno’s son, Lou Ferrigno Jnr.


Ferrigno Jnr revealed: “He would call my dad and be like: ‘Hey I’m trying to find Omar.’ and also my dad would be: ‘Huh? Who’s this?’ ‘I’m trying to find Omar.’

“And my dad isn’t good on the phone call so the would finish in the yelling: ‘Who’s Omar!?’

“We to be trying to figure out that Omar was and also we’d number out it to be Michael.”

Men In black color II is obtainable to clock on Amazon Prime video clip now.

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