This weight watchers breakfast recipe might be how amazing to part considering mine declarations of hate for all points egg. As a rule, i am no a fan of standard breakfast foods. I gain a pretty waffle, donut or pancake top top occasion, but typically I avoid them along with bacon, eggs and also the like. End the last couple of years, however, I have actually learned that i really gain our basic Weight Watchers Veggie Egg Scramble. Not only is it fine seasoned, but it has some the my favorite veggies and also just a touch of cheese. This has come to be one the our rapid go-to breakfasts and also is love by anyone in our house.

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Weight Watchers Veggie Egg Scramble

I tyically usage a mix of spinach, onion and also tomato in this veggie egg scramble, however, ns really love the this kind of dish deserve to be amped up with every one of your favorite vegetables and flavors.

Consider adding: 

Green onionBell PepperCumin or Taco seasoningBroccoliCauliflowerBlack olivesMushroomsSalsaVerde sauceJalapeno PeppersGreen Chile

Why this over various other breakfasts? for our family, even me the one who doesn"t prefer eggs typically, this package flavor, fiber, and also protein. All things I must feel full and satisfied. The tiny bit of sharp cheddar offers me that richness ns am feather for, and also the veggies add not simply nutrients, but they add fiber i beg your pardon is great for my digestion, but likewise for help me stay complete longer.

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I don"t have to add meat right into it, however if I perform it is commonly something favor a side of this homemade chicken or turkey breakfast sausage from my friend Melissa"s blog. It is simple, easy and can be made in big batches. It"s a good Weight Watchers breakfast item the is short in points value also, for this reason you deserve to have a supervisor hearty breakfast for under 10 points. While that may seem choose a little much for one meal, it yes, really is a good meal that would save you satisfied because that hours.