The station had actually disappeared for three weeks during a dispute in between the satellite TV provider and also WGN owner Nexstar Media Group.

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food Network viewers could see the wholesome holiday doings that the “Father to know Best” family members as WGN-Channel 9 went back to the satellite that company channel lineup. AP file
food Network subscribers in wake up up Christmas morning come a surprise not under the tree yet on the TV: the return of WGN-Channel 9.

Missing from the lineup for much more than three weeks, the independent channel returned simply in time because that its booked marathon that vintage vacation TV illustration from collection including “Father knows Best” and also “Dennis the Menace.”

The station had actually disappeared throughout a dispute in between the satellite TV provider and also WGN owner Nexstar Media Group. Each company made windy accusations that the various other was demanding unreasonable state to renew their expired contract.

In push releases Friday, the two service providers made nice and also said they reached a multi-year deal that put Nexstar’s 164 local stations, consisting of WGN, and its WGN America network ago on Dish.

The deal likewise makes WGN America obtainable on Dish’s SlingTV service.

WGN’s offerings encompass’s top-rated morning newscast and also reruns that syndicated network TV comedies including “Friends” and also “Last man Standing.”

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