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What around you?

Do friend love broccoli and cauliflower? not so much? I’d love come hear about your favourite vegetable in the comments below :)

Have fun substituting in the kitchen!

With love, Jules x

There’s something come be said for vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage: it’s harder to get exhausted of them than some other veggies. Once my husband cooks, it’s always broccoli and also green beans, uneven I occur to suggest something else. A pair of weeks earlier I did grocery shopping because that him because his hip was hurting as well badly. I couldn’t discover broccoli, therefore in a minute of brilliance ns bought asparagus, i beg your pardon looked yes, really good. He wasn’t thrilled through my choice, due to the fact that even despite he likes asparagus, we’d had actually it sufficient recently that he was exhausted of it. For us, the bottom heat is the the Brassicas are the best. Because that the record, rutabagas and turnips are additionally Brassicas (please pardon the botanist in me – the won’t ever go away).

The cheat sheet is great. I need vegetables while my husband is not as well keen top top them at all but knows he must have some. So i look for different ways come prepare them (or disguise them). Broccoli is a favourite because that me yet not because that him!! Kale is off the menu for both of us – sorry Jules :), but any kind of other leafy green works for me. Therefore I often finish up do soups in order to get an ext vegetables into the menus. Advice on various sauces or enhancements to include or approaches of food preparation would it is in good.

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thanks for every the difficult work.