If you an artist or designer, then you know that shade can have a profound impact on her work. Together such, experimentation and blending of two or more hues can permit you to expand your horizons and create new shades that would certainly otherwise not exist.

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In our pursuit to get a deeper expertise of colors and also how they interact, we wanted to look in ~ blue and also pink. What color does pink and also blue make? What happens once you mix them?

To completely understand the results, we’re walking to take it a deep dive and also go more into the human being of shade theory and also blending. Join us as we uncover the concealed secrets of pink and also blue.

Color Theory: Pink and also Blue


Once you’ve figured out the proper shade, how are you going to use it?

What sort of job are you working on? as soon as thinking around how you deserve to employ your shade that purple, right here are some things to remember.

This shade have the right to be used in a range of ways, depending upon how light or dark the is. Deep purple connotes things prefer royalty and also class (think Crown Royal), if lighter shades can remind united state of nature (lilacs and other flowers).

Purple can likewise straddle the line in between warm and also cool. Since it’s developed with both shades, you can add an ext of one or the various other to press it come one side. This makes purple a versatile and vibrant shade that will include authenticity and also style come your next project.

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Thanks because that joining united state today and also we hope the you usage this info well. As soon as it involves what shade does pink and blue make, we desire you come explore and also push the boundaries of what’s possible.