Next time you’re treating yourself come a be safe spa visit, take the moment to have actually a look roughly at the staff. You will do it see number of specialists, native massage therapists and also skincare specialists to talented nail technicians.

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Nail techs aren’t simply employed in ~ spas - they job-related at a variety of locations, including salons, airports, and even cruise ships. It"s a fast cultivation industry – follow to the U.S. Bureau of labor Statistics, tasks for manicurists and pedicurists space expected to grow by 13% through 2026, which is almost twin the mean U.S. Job growth rate of 7%.

This page will check out the day-to-day tasks, educational requirements, regimen costs, job prospects, and also other details associated to becoming a nail technician.

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What does a nail Technician Do?

There’s a lot much more to a nail technician than simply painting nails. Technicians additionally need come have an abilities in safety and sanitation, sales, and customer service. Right here are a couple of tasks pond techs are responsible because that while ~ above the job:

ManicuresPedicuresNail applicationsCleaning, trimming, and also filing nailsPolishing or buffing nailsMoisturizing hands and also feet, and providing light massageScheduling appointmentsCustomer serviceMaintaining a sanitary work-related environmentSharing information on available servicesPromoting and also selling nail and also skin treatment productsKeeping monitoring informed about product needs

To be successful, you’ll require to develop your nail artistry abilities while honing top-notch interpersonal and also customer company skills. Most of her time will be spent connecting with clients in person. As with any job, there are pros and also cons come consider.


It"s a cultivation industry.Training program are typically affordable and quick come completeBy gift personable and also offering good service, you have actually the potential to secure repeat customers and also earn more moneyYou have the right to learn around the industry and eventually usage that understanding to open up your own organization or continue your educationFlexible scheduling and work environments


Muscle stress, overload can develop from sitting many of the dayYou might encounter broken skin and also be exposed come infectionsYou"ll it is in near various chemicalsMany of the tools offered for manicures and also pedicures room sharp - techs must use castle responsibly to protect against hurting us or their clientsYour pay deserve to be influenced by customers and also whether your shop does a lot of business