I know that a hotelier is "someone who owns or manages a hotel" (reference), much like a hotelkeeper (reference). However, these features (owning and managing) are far too specific, the same method a concierge, a receptionist and a hotel desk clerk are.

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I have additionally seen a few references to words hotelry used as one adjective an interpretation "things the are regarded hotels", but there doesn"t seem come be any kind of such entry in dictionaries.

Thus my concerns are:

Is there a indigenous in lifwynnfoundation.org to describe "people that work in hotels"?

Is over there a indigenous to refer to "things that are concerned the realm of hotels"?

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Hotel workers, hotel employees. They job-related in a hotel, don't they?
jan 4 "16 at 19:54
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A general term is hospitality worker. This broadly refers come someone who works in the hospitality industry, which also include, because that instance, restaurants.

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I would certainly not usage hospitality worker for hotel worker. I don't know exactly, however it doesn't sound better than hotel worker.
january 4 "16 at 20:05

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In an extremely broad strokes, hotels are part of the hospitality industry. In most cases this have the right to stand alone there is no tagging "worker" or anything on.

Bob: What heat of work-related are friend in? Alice: I work-related in hospitality.

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If you need something an ext specific i would suggest using "hotel staff". This can cover virtually any type of non management duty and is a bit an ext classy 보다 "hotel worker" or similar.

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answered january 5 "16 in ~ 6:35

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