A huge part of your loc journey is washing and also retwisting. The right assets can leaving you with luxurious healthy locs and edges the look like they’ve to be laid by magic. The wrong products? Well, those could lead you under the route of mildew locs through unsightly build up. You’ve more than likely seen locs retwisted with all kinds of products, many with a gel or wax base. These assets work well because that retwisting and the end result is beautiful, however it’s ideal to store it simple. Recently, part ladies have been transforming to oil and also water as a herbal yet effective means to retwist their locs and also they’re obtaining excellent outcomes that last for up to four weeks!

Using less product

As someone v locs, I deserve to attest the minimal product relieves the scalp that toxins and also contributes come growth. When I was originally toying about with the idea of gaining locs (I determined Sisterlocks), i was rather nervous about how my scalp would certainly handle having minimal product or no product at all. Ns was someone that swore by every my deep conditioners, pomades, creams, and gels in bespeak to hold my kinks and curls. I additionally oiled my scalp excessively due to seborrheic dermatitis. Little did I know that minimal product would not just detox mine scalp, yet I wouldn’t require to apply oil to my scalp as regularly as i did together a loose natural.

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mine locs room 2 work old here!

right here they’re 1.5 months old.

mine locs at 7.5 month old.

My oil and water loc retwisting mixture

Typically, Sisterlocks room re-tied with water, a mixture of vital oils and also water, or nothing in ~ all. Mine hair is sprayed down from root to guideline with a mixture of water, neem oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and also eucalyptus oil. This not just calms my scalp, but it additionally makes mine hair a lot more pliable and less painful throughout re-ties.

There space two services to retwisting your locs with oil and also water: (1) you avoid the dreaded buildup and also (2) you carry out your scalp and also hair through the appropriate nutrients depending on the kind of oils you pick to use. Take a look at what the loctician and also educator behind, Jocelyn Renee, has to say about the benefits of water and oil for loc retwists and re-ties

According come Jocelyn Renee, one of the most well-known loccing approaches that doesn’t need to use any kind of product to begin or retwist the loccs is–drum roll please–Sisterlocks! it’s actually best to no use any kind of product at all because locs are supposed to depend on the herbal sebum of her scalp to moisturize your scalp and hair. However, I determined to slightly bend those rules and use water and oil since that’s what mine hair prefers. Mine scalp cannot take the bare scalp approach and it appreciates me because that realizing that. If you’re prefer me and need a little bit of oil to get the job done but still desire to store things as herbal as possible, take it a look in ~ these 3 YouTubers that have had actually success using the oil and water retwist method.

 Locs are supposed to depend on the organic sebum of her scalp to moisturize your scalp and hair.

Sweet almond, black castor, lavender and rosemary oil


Photo: Linda Elaine

Youtuber IamLindaElaine, swears by the oil and also water technique and even has her very own oil mixture that consists of organic sweet almond oil, black castor oil, lavender oil, and rosemary oil. These oils initially aided Linda treat her alopecia, however she has continued to use the mixture as a component of she retwist routine. After massaging the oil into her scalp, Linda puts every one of her hair up right into a bun and starts retwisting from the back, making sure to move the oil from she scalp down her locs as she twists clockwise with her fingers.

Just castor oil and water


Photo: Nen Chyna

Youtuber Keepin’ Up v Chyna also jumped top top the oil and water bandwagon. This tutorial to be her very first time making use of the water and also oil method so she didn’t know what come expect. In the video Nenchyna shares the she didn’t think the castor oil and also water alone would certainly hold, but she was showed wrong. She even told a follower that she intends to stick through this technique from now on.

After separating she hair into sections, she twisted she locs with castor oil and also water (while utilizing the rubber band technique to stretch). After Nenchyna’s hair dried, she couldn’t tell the difference in between having product in she hair and not having it in. She additionally said that her hair feel clean and very light after using simply oil and water come retwist her ombre locs. Not just did she locs feeling clean, yet they looked clean and healthy come the eye. Nenchyna explained that typically, after ~ a retwist, she deserve to still view the previous accumulation of lint in she hair, however that wasn’t the case after make the efforts this method!

Tea tree and Vitamin E oil


Cejuanna A. Morgan mixes things up in she oil and water to loc retwisting tutorial. Although Cejuanna’s hair is much longer than once she at first published this video, the contents is quiet relevant since she still provides this method. She sprays she hair down with a mixture the water, tea tree oil, and also Vitamin E oil. Next, Cejuanna rubs her mixture the olive oil, Vitamin E oil, and also tea tree oil onto her scalp before she retwists her roots in a clockwise direction. The end an outcome is a head complete of soft and fluffy locs! based upon her many recent loc update, we have the right to tell that the oil and water retwisting an approach has served her beautiful locs well.

Oils and also their benefits

Before girlfriend experiment v the oil and water retwisting technique on your very own locs, take it a look in ~ a short description the the various oils the women used and also their benefits. (We also have this complete guide ~ above the ideal oils for herbal hair because there are simply SO plenty of of them).

Olive Oil – prevents hair from cabinet damage and conditions the hair.

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Have you tried retwisting v oil and water? did it occupational for you? allow us know on Instagram or in the comments below.

Oh, and if you’re thinking about starting your loc journey, inspect out our Locs 101 post!