Originally offered in propositional logic and also recently made famous by laboratory artist Eminem, the backwards E symbol is straightforward to produce from your computer.

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The existential quantifier or (∃) symbol has been used in academia because that a lengthy time. It is typically used in collection theory and also propositional logic. By meaning it median “there exists” when supplied in this context. Modern culture has been reintroduced to this backwards or turn E symbol together it has been offered as a stylistic method in contemporary media. The most renowned use that the backwards E freshly was Eminem (EMINƎM), but the ∃ deserve to be found in multiple various other titles and also artist names together well.

Creating this backwards E or turn E have the right to be achieved through many methods.

Copy and also Paste

First, you deserve to just copy and paste from any kind of location top top the web. This functions on many social media websites such together Facebook and Twitter. Feel complimentary to copy them indigenous here:

(∃) or (Ǝ).

Once you dough them, delete or backspace over every little thing extra content you carry out not need in enhancement to the backwards E symbol.

HTML distinct Code

If you room trying to usage this symbol while structure a web page, you can use the special html password especially produced for this process. The first one is the true “there exists” symbol and also the second the Latin reversed E that is an extremely similar.

(∃) – ∃or ∃(Ǝ) –Ǝ


The majority of the applications on your Mac will certainly have accessibility to this symbol through the Special personalities function. Indigenous the edit menu, select Special Characters option. Relying on your variation of OS X, your choices may be different. Typically, you can find it by scrolling down to traction up the find bar and also by typing “there exists” into the search field. Alternatively, it can be uncovered under the math symbols section. When you uncover it, click on it come insert it right into your message or your can drag it come your message field.

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In all modern Windows versions consisting of XP, Vista, windows 7, and Windows 8, girlfriend can accessibility the backwards E symbol through the personality Map application. Open up your start menu and search because that Character Map. Select it to open up the application. Adjust the font to symbols and also you should have the ability to select and also copy ∃ native there.