Please welcome general Manager Tom Gray to mine! below is Tom’s post about gas vs. Electric dryers.

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Are every dryers electric? Yes. Is her dryer boil by gas or electric? that’s a concern that i ask every customers who gain a new dryer installed since many time they think it’s electrical when it’s in reality gas. And also it makes a large difference.

Electric dryers have actually one electrical link to a 240 volt outlet, the outlet can be one of two people a 3-prong or 4-prong, both space usually 30amp which is the typical for dryers. Some older electrical dryers may be “hard-wired” straight to a junction box (typically no up to current electric codes).


Dryer Cords & Outlets

Electric Dryers execute not come with cords. Girlfriend will require to examine your plug type and purchase a brand-new cord when you buy your brand-new dryer. It is not recommended come re-use old cords. If you have a bigger gray plug it would be a 240v 3-prong, if you have a bigger black plug the is a 240v 4-prong, if girlfriend don’t view a plug however just a hefty wire going right into a junction box you have actually a hard-wired dryer. If you check out a standard plug (115v) you have actually a gas dryer.

Gas dryers have actually an electric wire plugged into a standard 115v 3-prong outlet, (runs the motor and also timers), and a gas connector. Gas connectors room either Stainless steel or can be coated with yellow substance. Gas dryers do not come v the gas connector; never re-use an old gas connector; lock deteriorate in time from the corrosive nature in the gas.


Gas Connectors

Gas dryers room normally collection for organic gas. If you have actually LP-gas, or Propane gas you will should tell her retailer before purchasing. Generally you have to purchase a counter kit and also have someone convert the dryer from organic gas come LP-gas. Many dryers additionally need to it is in vented come the outside with a traditional 4” ring vent, not provided with dryer.

If you’re still not certain if your dryer is gas or electric, just take a photo of the connecting cables and either email it to us at info or carry it in and we can assist you out. The main allude is: you do not desire to run into this problem on the job your brand-new dryer is acquiring installed.

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Guest lifwynnfoundation.orgger Tom Gray is general Manager the Mrs. G TV & Appliances and also has remained in the appliance company for over 40 years. His kid Chris is also component of the Mrs. G team together manager.