Selena Quintanilla had countless hits throughout she career and also one of her most prominent one was "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" as result of its attractive title and also tune. Pete Astudillo, that was part of Los Dinos, is now revealing where the song originally came from and also the an interpretation behind it. The tune was originally sung in English and also it came about by simply vocalizing during the sound tests Selena and also the tape had during rehearsals. Follow to Univision Entertainment, Selena in addition to her brother A.B. Quintanilla and also her husband Chris Perez used to song "itty bitty bubbles".

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There"s a video clip online where Selena is singing the track in English in the year 1993, a year before she exit the "Amor Prohibido" album wherein BBBB was included. "If I had actually one wish, ns would favor to it is in a fish and also I"d swim, swim swim under the sea I"d be so free", Quintanilla is head singing. Pete additionally said in the interview that the melody to be so attractive he functioned on the text of the tune we know today. Deserve to you imagine "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" in English and also being about fishies and tiny bubbles? Listen under below and tell us what friend think!

Selena is being commemorated by Google v a Doodle in honor of her heritage in the music industry. "My family and also I room honored and also extremely excited to have operated with Google on this Doodle and also exhibit launch, not only as a way to storage Selena’s life and also the desires she achieved, yet as a tribute to Selena"s fans approximately the globe," Suzette said in a statement. "This job is simply yet another testament to the power of Selena’s legacy, which is still going strong 22 year later. Selena has always transcended cultural boundaries and also having this Doodle special a strong, Latina mrs on the homepage that Google about the civilization is a perfect example that. We hope the everyone - both fans and people learning about Selena for the first time - enjoys this celebration and also feels the positivity and hope Selena embodied and still proceeds to represent today."

Born in Lake Jackson, Texas on April 16, 1971, Selena’s talent shone from an early age. Strumming Nat King Cole’s “I’m in the Mood because that Love” on guitar, Selena’s dad listened come his daughter sing along, and immediately knew the shining future prior to her.

With encouragement from your father, nine year old Selena and her larger siblings A.B. (guitar) and Suzette (drums) formed the beginnings of the Tejano emotion Selena y Los Dinos. Born in Texas, Tejano music (or “Tex-Mex”) blends Mexican and also American sub-genres choose pop, polka, ranchera, and cumbia. Extensively popular throughout the TX/Mexico border since the 1800s, Selena y Los Dinos’ infectious brand of Tejano music popularized the genre to audience globally.

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First play at the family restaurant, quiceañeras, and also fairs, the band’s humble starts - including sitting on equipment as result of the lack of formal seating in your inaugural tourism bus “Big Bertha - ultimately led come high file touring. But they also fought through hard times and also adversity. In fact, Selena was generally discriminated against in the male-dominated music genre, and some venues also refused to publication the band for shows.