‘Small talk’ or ‘idle talk’ describes the polite conversation you have with someone who you might or might not know an extremely well. The conversation usually revolves about topics that room neutral; nothing that is most likely to do either party angry. A human usually enjoy it in small talk once he meets someone because that the first time. ‘Pillow talk’, ~ above the other hand, is the conversation the one has actually with one’s spouse or far-reaching other. Because the conversation, in this case, usually takes ar when the two people are in bed, it tends to be intimate or personal.

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*Bala is no very great at making tiny talk.

*There is no pillow talk. He falls asleep the moment his head access time the pillow.

What is the an interpretation and origin of A1?

(K Sankaranaryanan, Madurai)

This rather informal expression has actually been approximately for end 200 years. Once you say the something is ‘A1/A one’, you typical that that is fantastic or first rate. The expression have the right to be supplied with world as well.

*The auto is end ten years old, but the engine is in A1 condition.

*As a teacher, Aishwarya is A1.

Lloyd’s, a British agency that insured ships, coined the term. Before any kind of ship was insured, the firm inspected it and then rated it. The letters A, E, I, O and U were offered to show the problem of the hull of the ship, and the numbers 1, 2, 3, etc. Were offered to show the state the the devices (cables, anchor, etc.) on board. If the ship was rated A1, it intended that both the hull and also the equipment were in wonderful condition.

Is over there a connection between ‘wit’ and also ‘half wit’?

(R Revathi, Chennai)

Yes, over there is. The ax ‘half-wit’ is provided nowadays in informal contexts to describe someone who is rather foolish or stupid.

*The agency has hired a bunch the half-wits.

*I’m not going come let girlfriend marry a half-wit prefer Ravi.

A ‘wit’, on the other hand, is who who has actually the gift that the gab; that keeps the listener amused by his skilful beat on words.

*Chalapathi, a remarkable wit, passed away in a automobile accident critical night.

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The term ‘half-wit’ was originally supplied to describe a writer of mediocre wit; he was a ‘dealer of negative witticisms’. A ‘half-wit’ failed in his effort to it is in funny fifty percent the time!

How is native ‘zenith’ pronounced?

(R Kulkarni, Pune)

There room two different ways of express this word. Some world pronounce the ‘e’ choose the ‘e’ in ‘set’, ‘bet’ and also ‘pet’, when others express it favor the ‘ee’ in ‘fees’, ‘bees’ and also ‘knees’. The final vowel sounds choose the ‘i’ in ‘pit’, ‘kit’ and also ‘hit’. The word have the right to be pronounced ‘ZEN-ith’ or ‘ZEE-nith’. It comes from the world of astronomy, and also it was originally offered to describe the highest point reached through a celestial object — prefer a star, because that instance. Nowadays, the object deserve to be something — a ball, a missile, a rocket, etc. The highpoint or the most successful step of one’s life can also be called ‘zenith’.