I"m trying to uncover out what "I"m partial to …" means. I assumed that it means the exact same as "I favor …".

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But I found this website, which claims:

If who asks you whether you quiet love your husband after 50 years of marriage, for example, and also you say, "I"m partial to him," you"re either joking or politely saying "Not really." gift partial to something is come love together a warm stove is to a bonfire.

If you answer the concern with "I"m partial to him", doesn"t that mean that friend still choose your husband after all these years rather of being joking or saying that you don"t favor him (as this webite says)?

Also, what is meant by the comparison

Being partial to something is to love together a warmth stove is come a bonfire.

Is a warm stove hotter 보다 a bonfire? Is being partial to something less strong than love something?

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"I"m partial to..." normally is provided in the paper definition of do a decision. It"s equivalent to saying: "I"m biased in the direction of (choice A)".

It can likewise be provided for an ext general expressions of preference:

Friends is a an exclifwynnfoundation.orgent show, yet I"m partial to Seinfeld.

The factor that it would be a joke in the an initial example is that making use of such formal, emotionless terminology around something that the speak is supposedly very passionate about (their husband) is ironic.

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partial to

means have a tendency or bias towards choosing something

I"m partial to chocolate cake (if provided a choice)!

In order of intensity from biggest to least

passionate (really care alot) partial / biased impartial don"t treatment couldn"t treatment less

The the opposite is


which is a an extremely important principle in law

The judge in any type of trial needs to it is in impartial once deciding.

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