Let’s cut the fat. I don’t suppose a million (or even any!) comment on this post, and some of you may wonder why ns dedicating a day to the subject, and also are frowning due to the fact that there’s no a fun brand-new recipe up, but properly cut in butter or shortening is critical in do crusts, pastries, biscuits and so lot more.This blog is about learning tips and also techniques in order come make better food, for this reason this is just one of those posts!I’ve had several world ask me what “cutting in” really method and ns once had someone asking if that was it s okay to just melt the butter in because it was easier.Answer: No!

When you check out in a recipe that you should “cut in” butter or shortening, the a method to incorporate the flour and also dry ingredients v the fat as quickly as possible.The objective is to develop evenly sized pieces of butter, coated with flour and evenly dispersed throughout. Once these little pieces that butter melt, they create layers that flakiness. In part recipes it’s the little pockets of heavy steam that room important. Recipes will normally indicate the size of the fat pieces- tiny peas, coarse crumbs, etc. Paying attention to that size will affect your final product together well.

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1. Make sure the butter is COLD.I’m talking straight from the refrigerator cold. Even frozen is okay.You’ll want to take it it out of the fridge appropriate as you need it, and not before.

2. Reduced the butter into small pieces an initial and climate toss them independently into the flour making sure they each gain covered in flour prior to you begin “cutting”


1. A Pastry Blender. This is my preferred method.It’s a device made specifically for this purpose.It’s inexpensive and does the job both quickly and also efficiently.You can additionally use it for many other things, including smashing potatoes, avocados, and also bananas. Never ever seen one? It’s the tool offered in the photo above. Maybe you even have one and didn’t know what that was!
2. Two Knives. Just move the knives in the contrary directions in reality cutting the butter or shortening.Also, a fork works.
3. Her Fingers. Just break the butter up with your fingers, when it’s in the flour. Friend do yet have to be cautious using her fingers due to the fact that your body warm will warm up the butter and melt that a bit. But it works.
4. A Food Processor. Still pre-cut the butter into little pieces, and then pulse in processor till it’s the suitable size.

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5. Electric Mixer. And electric hand or stand mixer have the right to actually occupational well too. Friend just have to be really careful that girlfriend don’t over mix. You still want butter in small pieces.

…thanks for the blog..this is awesome…but i do have a question and also it uses to butter and also desserts, so this kinda counts, right?

so i’ve obtained some recipes native my mommy where she SWEARS it’s no the exact same if you usage salted butter (meaning the secret ingredient is the UNsalted butter, prefer her dalmation brownies not come be puzzled with blondies!). …and other recipes it simply doesn’t matter. Room there any type of guidelines to follow? or is it simply kind of trial and error? ns haven’t to be able come discern a pattern myself…

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