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In the context of dictionaries, MW represents “many words.” Or something prefer that. If you here because you sought “MW,” well, you’ve concerned the right place as much as we’re concerned, because, five yes, we’ve got numerous words.

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MW is really an abbreviation, though, and it can stand for a many of different things.

Most commonly, MW represents megawatt, a unit of strength equal come one million watts.

Sometimes, the 2 letters are used as an abbreviation for milliwatt, a unit same to one thousandth that a watt. In this case, that is typically styled together mW. 

In other scientific contexts, MW is an abbreviation for molecular weight—the sum of the atom weights of every the atom in a molecule.

In URLs, .mw is the internet domain for Malawi.

MW can likewise stand for medium wave (a form of radio wave) or Master the Wine, a certification issued come wine experts.

And, OK, yes, when you see MW or M-W in the context of dictionaries, it often refers to the George and also Charles Merriam/Noah Webster mashup. You know, “since 1828” and all that. (See you in ~ the convention, M Dub!)

Example: The terminal is capable of generating 1,000 MW of power.

The abbreviation MW has actually been offered for megawatt since at the very least the late 1940s. The ax megawatt was an initial recorded roughly 1895. The prefix mega- originates from a word an interpretation “large.” It’s supplied in devices of measure up that room equal to one million the the units denoted by the base word: a megawatt is equal to one million watts. A gigawatt is equal to one exchange rate watts. It should not be puzzled with the (not in reality real) jiggawatt, which, if we had to guess, is probably equal come one jillion watts. The word watt comes from the surname of scientist James Watt and was first recorded in 1882.

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Megawatt is periodically used in figurative ways, such as to describe points as especially bright or powerful, together in She had a 10,000-megawatt smile or is choose a 10 billion-MW