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Japanese is the language used in Japan and also Japanese civilization use it to communicate with each other.

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It is frequently referred come as one of the most an overwhelming languages to learn by Japanese learners.

Unlike English and also Spanish, Japanese is not the language that deserve to be provided internationally yet it can be popular amongst those who space interested in Japanese subcultures such together anime and also manga.

Even I, the Japanese, find it complicated at part time.

It could be tough for the learners however that just show how facility and elegant Japanese language is.

Let’s look in ~ the reason why people find it difficult to find out Japanese.

Nihongo Pronunciation

Japanese language is created of Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana.

There’s only one method to express each Hiragana and also Katakana symbol so it doesn’t pose much difficulty.

However, Kanji has actually myriads the variations and also some look at similar.

There are likewise Kanji symbols that express the same yet has different interpretations as well.

You should look in ~ the whole sentence to identify the definition of those Kanji symbols.

Furthermore, there space Chinese reading and also Japanese analysis for every Kanji symbol. One single Kanji symbol have the right to be pronounced in multiple different ways,

which is making it harder for human being to learn Japanese.



Nihongo Writing

Because that Kanji, many civilization are probably encountering the difficulty to compose Japanese sentences.

Each Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana symbols has actually its exactly stroke order. Following the correct stroke bespeak is important, too.

Kanji symbols contain countless lines and also some look at or sound the same.

As we ended up being familiar v the automatic Kanji switch function noted by PC and smartphone, we sometimes discover ourselves unable to remember how to create Kanji symbols.


Nihongo Grammar

English grammar provides SVO format however it is SOV in Japanese.

It is not constantly necessary to have actually the “Subject” in Japanese sentences. This ambiguity may be the reason of more confusion.

You must guess the “Subject” native conversations or native the circulation of the sentences.

People regularly say that Japanese people are no clear ~ above what they have to say and you should read in between lines yet those might be coming from Japanese grammar.

Nihongo Speaking

You need to readjust your way of speaking depending upon the generation or place of the person you are speaking to.

If you room talking to your superior specifically in the company, you use honorific.

Honorific is the means of speaking you use to express her respect because that the person who is in the greater position.

Without mastering this honorific, living in the culture becomes difficult.

To be honest, Japanese culture is not generous enough to pardon a little bit of rudeness in your way of speaking.


Nihongo Dialect

Japan is not a huge country when compared to various other bigger countries however it extends from phibìc to south.

Each area has occurred its very own dialect.

The language talked in Kanto area is referred to as the conventional language whereas the language talked in Kansai area is Osaka-ben,

which is the well-known dialect in Japan.

Japanese language basically refers to the typical language so even when you learned hard, you might get perplexed when you encounter the Osaka-ben speaker.

That’s how various each dialect is.



The number of vocabularies required for basic conversation

Generally, the number of vocabularies essential to speak in the daily conversation is claimed to it is in 2600 come 2700 words.

On the other hand, 7000 to 10000 words are forced in the Japanese general conversation.

Multiply this number through 1.5, and that’s the variety of vocabularies essential to “understand” the Japanese basic conversation.

Japanese language calls for a significantly greater number of vocabularies comparing v English language.


That’s the an easy explanation of why Japanese is thought about as among the hardest language to learn.

Reading this post may have made friend hesitate come start finding out Japanese.

However, as much as the is hard to learn Japanese, there’re countless merits in it together well.

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For example, you will be able to use the expressions which no various other languages have and you will also be may be to condensation the details in the short sentences.