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LMAO Meaning

LMAO represents "laughing my ass off", but did you know there are various other acronyms because that laughter? there are likewise acronyms offered in message messaging that stand for a many other things. Acronyms choose LMAO enable people to text faster while send the very same meaning.What follows is what many of this acronyms stand for.


LMAO is one of many usual words used in message messaging, prompt messaging, chatting, and also on Facebook and also Twitter. At one time or another, you've probably seen this web slang. Do you wonder what LMAO means? walk you understand it might have more than one meaning? LMAO is one acronym that stands for Laughing mine Ass Off. Many human being say (or text) this acronym once they discover something an especially funny. Sometimes, when a human being finds miscellaneous extremely funny, they to speak LMFAO. This is virtually identical in definition but has actually the "F" word included to it to produce Laughing mine F**king A** Off. This one, however, is thought about to be vulgar and is more than likely NSFW (not for sure for work.)Another acronym supplied with LMAO is ROFL. World often to speak "ROFLMAO" i m sorry is provided to denote something the is also more hilarious! ROFL method "rolling ~ above the floor laughing."

1. LOL (laughing the end loud)

2. LOLZ (more than one laugh)

3. ROFL (rolling ~ above the floor laughing)

4. LQTM (laughing quietly to myself)

5. LSMH (laughing & shaking my head)

6. LMHO (laughing mine head off)

7. HAHA (this one goes there is no saying)

8. :D (laughing emoji)


Alternative Meanings: What Else can LMAO was standing for?

LMAO has a variety of different meanings, yet it is most often used come tell a human that other is funny. Because of this, many world are unaware that or perform not use alternate meanings.

What LMAO Means

If you usage LMAO come mean any of the following, make certain that her audience is mindful of her alternative an interpretation to prevent confusion (and the possibility of offense.) While some of them deserve to be hilariously funny, you need to make certain that your friends recognize what they mean.

Laughing my arms (or ankles) off.Lick me every over!Leave me alone, okay?Let's satisfy (or last man) at the office.Let's do an oath/offer.

In addition, over there is a phrase, ayy lmao, well-known on Tumblr. It is typically used in referral to aliens. Ayy lmao is a expression supposedly uttered by extra-terrestrials. There is no well-known human meaning behind the word, only aliens know its true meaning. What walk it average to you? allow us know in the comment below!


As a issue of fact


As far as ns know


Away indigenous keyboard

BC (B/C)



Best girlfriend forever


Be right back


Back to topic


By the way


See you (or cover her a**)


Do that yourself


End that discussion


For what it's worth


For her eyes only




I don't know


In mine (honest/humble) opinion


In actual life


Just kidding




Laugh out loud

noob (n00b)



None of your business


No problem


Oh my god


Off topic


On the other hand


Read the (effing) manual


Thanks in advance


Too lot information


Talk come you later


What the f***


Down low


At the moment


Thank you


Shaking my head


Netspeak vs. Leetspeak

Words such as LOL (meaning laugh the end loud), LMAO, and LMFAO comprise what is referred to as netspeak, likewise sometimes dubbed chatspeak. A huge number of human being on sites favor Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter usage these acronyms and abbreviations. However, countless were used before these websites also existed.

Netspeak is likewise related come leetspeak, a language developed by hackers which allowed them come slip past email filters. Leetspeak works by substituting letters with numbers or various letters that are comparable in appearance. For example, the letter E would certainly be replaced with the number 3. Spelling may also be slightly changed in part words. In fact, the ax leet in the really name of the language is regularly written together 1337.Leetspeak ended up being popular and is no longer used solely by hackers. While that did obtain popularity, that still isn't a huge component of social networking sites prefer Facebook. That is largely used by virtual gamers, programmers (most hackers room programmers), and also forum posters.

Examples that Leetspeak

ski11z = skills1337 = leethaxxor = hackern00b = noob, newbie (This way a newcomer and is usually expected as one insult.)

This contents is accurate and also true to the finest of the author’s knowledge and is not intended to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Lucky top top September 04, 2020:

OP means Over Powered

Huh on September 03, 2020:

Aote and also Aotd, guess what those mean

Kavi__osmo on respectable 24, 2020:

Paul Beenis The hatchet "leet" is obtained from words elite, supplied as an adjective to explain formidable prowess or accomplishment, specifically in the fields of virtual gaming and computer hacking. The leet lexicon has spellings of words as 1337 or l33t.

Charollete on august 15, 2020:

TY and also Yeet means?

Daniyal on respectable 13, 2020:

what go OP mean

Ugligorl on august 12, 2020:

Thanks lol

IloveHarryPotter on respectable 10, 2020:

thx 4 tes, depend h3lped me out

mary on august 07, 2020:

TBH method to it is in honest

TYSM means thank friend soo much

TTYL method talk come you later

DW method dont worry

370H22V is a leet word meaning A**hole

No thx top top July 24, 2020:

I regulated to construct context easily, and also did when come close come figuring the out, but never did figure out the name, for this reason thx 4 car h3lp m8

Nanalindantn ~ above July 19, 2020:

What does Orb mean? someone commented top top a flower ns posted on facebook ORB

Paul Beenis on July 15, 2020:

Holy guacamole Melanie! great article. This motivated me to shot and incorporate few of these hilarious abbreviation in my latest post. Ns am however, still confused by one small thing. What does the word "Leet" mean?

Timmy on July 10, 2020:

This actually amaze me

Bla bla on June 22, 2020:

I finally know what my friends kind in the team like rofl or lmao. Ns was so confused :D

Loser top top June 21, 2020:

BPOYF: it is in proud of you failure.

Hardeep72247179 top top June 20, 2020:

i do one myself for a good answers on twitter ie WaWa stands for "what a wonderful answer" in Hindi too(Indian official language) Wawa stands for applauding somebody's good answer or act


gtg way got come go

Chloe top top June 11, 2020:

finally, I understand what go nm is

peachy from home Sweet house on June 11, 2020:

What walk fb means?

I thought it was facebook yet no it is not.

Any idea ?

Ben top top June 10, 2020:

WTAF way what the really f***

Anonymous 247 ~ above June 05, 2020:

IDK: i don’t know

Lia top top June 02, 2020:

I lastly know what all my friend in roblox room saying prefer jk and lmao

amazing swets top top June 02, 2020:

Lmao means: love an ext active oats

Russell Wilson on might 27, 2020:


Nicole on may 25, 2020:

I ultimately know what lmao means.I will be saying the all the moment now

RobloxWantsYou on might 18, 2020:

I likewise came for Roblox Bcause i was gaining annoyed by the abbrevs that ns didn’t understand, so... I HAVE discovered MY function IN LIFE

j on may 16, 2020:

we use Wayd because that what are you doing

No name on might 15, 2020:

Some civilization say ppl instead of people.

Guest on might 01, 2020:

For the world wondering what html means:

Hyper message Markdown Language

HTML is a programming language, no an abbreviation.

Sultan on April 13, 2020:


Cassandra on April 03, 2020:

Wow i I love ❤️ this a lot

M.J.L ~ above April 01, 2020:

When mine friends text me sometimes I have no idea what they are saying
on in march 31, 2020:

LoL, also method : many love!

Eva Neal on in march 02, 2020:

I love abbreviations and also texting and everything else. Ns never even knew what IMAO meant

Zakk Veen top top January 28, 2020:

Leet stands for leet words, originally a hacker language but now more widespread. Numbers and also other things room subtituted for letter to gain through digital filters etc. Leet is, itself turned right into a leet word by an altering the letters into the number 1337. 8u88l37_ is one more example.

Cheryl Lee on November 08, 2019:

Thank for help me whatever was awesome

Maple Sumpua top top November 07, 2019:

Omg I supplied this and now I have gone crazy, ns love the so much I always use it! plus ik what civilization are speak now!

I would use it every second!

Serena Williams top top October 21, 2019:

Hi, umm I simply wanted to say that everything you simply wrote is so useful with mine life since I am a mom and also everyday mine daughter is always saying things favor this and also I am so glad the i discovered this article, it was so helpful.

Melanie Shebel (author) from Midwest, USA ~ above October 19, 2019:

Etc is brief for "et cetera."

hayle on October 19, 2019:

i came right here for "etc" because a lot of human being say the on snapchat

Menu on October 17, 2019:

Guy: it s okay r/whooshed

Also guy: those r/whOosh

Cyrus-The-Hero top top October 11, 2019:

what walk OMFG mean??

Lexi Mcnight top top October 10, 2019:

I came here for “LMAO” reason I pat Roblox and also so many human being say it

Melanie Shebel (author) native Midwest, USA top top September 20, 2019:

I've never heard that, however it could mean that.

maria on September 15, 2019:

SMH likewise known together "So lot Hate" right?

Akul on September 11, 2019:

This is just funny

LMAO!!!! on august 24, 2019:

LMAO: shed my actual oranges

Leggylina! on august 10, 2019:

All this ingredient I never knew before wow tysm! *means say thanks to you therefore much* although i knew most of this stuff already it really helped meh

Potatoes are pink on respectable 06, 2019:

What is HTML?

Bella Thorne on respectable 03, 2019:

This is tots celeb slang. I love this.

Emmy on respectable 02, 2019:

I come all a long trying to find LMAO, how amazing I identified More. Really helpful, Thanks.

oumeida ~ above July 31, 2019:

Love this "LMAO"

Anonymous on July 26, 2019:

Tbh: to it is in honest

Darby top top July 16, 2019:

I uncovered this very helpful because, as a mom, i feel that I require to know this slang to understand what my youngsters are talking about. I really appreciate this, even if my youngsters do not. Ns mean, you know how children are, those stunner hooligans. So thank you, and also have a good day.

Anonymous Wolf on July 01, 2019:

I think wtf should mean welcome come facebook and also not what the f**k

Felisha Wuz Here on June 24, 2019:

What go Imo mean?

LOL on June 21, 2019:

LMAO = shedding My Appetizing Opera

yeet top top June 21, 2019:

ik is not here stands for ns know

NUNYA on June 14, 2019:

XD is a laughing face if in all caps

Ur mommy (sorry I had to .-.) top top June 12, 2019:

XD way laughing so difficult you eye ball fall out

Bumbum ~ above June 11, 2019:


Not gonna say top top June 10, 2019:

xd or usually supplied at XD is supplied as a laughing face look at it sideways and also u will see that the x is the laughing eyes and also the D is the mouth

hi on June 09, 2019:

XD is dice from laughing the eye r X way dead the mouth is happy because that D therefore it provides XD

Autumn Grace. Mcday on June 08, 2019:


Jsjsnn on June 08, 2019:

A lot of human being use lmao as lamo like in a lame person

ThePeppermintCat ~ above June 08, 2019:

XD method another word for Lol. It's favor ur dice of laughing because of the X whick way dead., anld D meaning happy or amused. So yeah.

Cream top top June 07, 2019:

You have to add

IGN: In game name

GL: an excellent luck

GTS: go to school

What is DH mean?

dee on June 06, 2019:


doggy on might 27, 2019:

what go xd mean?

Chara on may 11, 2019:

Never known any of these before except "LOL", "OMG", "BFF" and "WTF" & "WTH". This to be really useful to me.

Ladar ~ above April 28, 2019:

Ok... So... This short article was certain helpful, but... The difficulty is that a lot of people are utilizing "ROFL", "LMAO" and also lots of other acronyms in a not correct meaning... So.... That's yes, really sad...

. ~ above April 27, 2019:

What does XD mean???

Rabin on April 25, 2019:

FML = F--K my life - commonly presented as soon as one's life is being so very unlucky

Sum1 ~ above April 23, 2019:

Didn't currently what LMAO intended until I searched for it online and this website appeared. Thanks! quq

AmItheOnlyRepublican? on April 13, 2019:

I walk on here due to the fact that my friend offered LMAO in our messages so I wanted to make sure she used it right (this is the exact same girl that assumed ‘Dutch’ was a country) and also turns out...she provided it fully wrong. RIP future..

anthony ~ above April 10, 2019:

Its really beneficial for those civilization didnt recognize acronyms, that is greatly used in an international conversation.

Scarlet on April 05, 2019:

You forgot out over the top!

Your mum top top April 04, 2019:

I really just wanted to recognize what fomo ment but thanks for every the rest anyway ns guess also though i didn't need them


n00bi3 ~ above April 03, 2019:

Nm method nothing much and also nvm way never mind.

Tut tut tut smh.

Justin on march 28, 2019:

Wewe on march 25, 2019:

I've constantly thought the short version of nevermind was nvm..

Jeff on in march 03, 2019:

I lmao at the video I’m city hall XD likewise I thought never ever mind was nvm no nn

N00b on in march 01, 2019:

Me: hey Siri fulfill me IRL. An equipment thinks: hey Siri meet me i Ariel. Siri as always: ns don't think I can understand.

MingYang XIao top top February 24, 2019:

For some factor it’s always adolescents that claims lmao online. I feel it.

Sasha top top February 23, 2019:

I always thought it meant lamo. Simply me... Alright

Puppy lover ~ above February 23, 2019:

TYSM means thank you so much


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top top February 21, 2019:

lmao my mommy thought the wtf was "welcome come facebook" ._. Im dying

Sarah on February 19, 2019:


Hannah ~ above February 18, 2019:

Yea anyone was saying lmao and also stuff and I was always like, “doesn’t that typical Lick my Appetizing Olive?” I have no idea what lock were in reality talking about

Melissa top top February 15, 2019:


lonto on February 14, 2019:

gave out an ext than i requested


Anusvet on February 14, 2019:

This is no respect to women

FFE ~ above February 11, 2019:


FINFAN ~ above February 09, 2019:

I want to know about the LMAO, (^-^)

Tracy white on February 08, 2019:

This was real useful thanks

Aamirah middleton ~ above February 06, 2019:

all my friends to be saying lmao and also i did not recognize that however i do know

google assistant X siri top top February 03, 2019:

thx currently ik what lmao and also etc way thank you very much lol XD

Bear bear top top January 21, 2019:

Like I just needed to recognize what LMAO way but thanks I guess now I have an ext very helpful